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Brush up your skills in geometry with the help of this wonderful book. Hi, Could I know where I could obtain the e-material of totalgadha? The quality of preparation depends on the standard of problems that you practice. At the same time, do not overload yourself with all the materials floating around in the market. I have listed a few material and books which were really helpful during my preparation. Please find them below. There is a words list which consists of the basic words that you need to know.

The questions in TotalGadha are too tough in Quants. Is it recommended at this stage, as I have just started my preps! Do not overload. It has some really standard questions. In fact, I got similar questions in my actual CAT. The highlight of this book is that it starts from the very basics. It gives you new methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division which improves your calculation speed.

It has questions split into three levels of difficulty. This helps you in identifying easy , medium and difficult questions which will be part of our strategy. I never had the habit of reading books till But, being a person aspiring to become a future leader, one cannot do away with the habit of reading. This book is a culmination of some of the best practices and helps you in building your reading stamina and speed. This will be of immense use when it comes to Reading Comprehension.

Even if you have been a voracious reader, I would recommend this book as it gives you a different perspective on reading. One of my friends suggested this site to me. Believe me, this site has the best material if you are looking at a In the last two months of my preparation this was the only material Skill builder which I used.

They have dissected every topic to the core ensuring that you leave no stone unturned. The Skill builder costs around 5k. But they keep giving lot of discounts. This site is the mother of all materials. There are no cakewalk questions here. All the questions will make you think before you put pen on paper. They have their Geometry and Numbers e-book which are by far the best ones that I have seen. Youtube Channel: It has some great faculty explaining concepts in a lucid manner with standard examples.

For those who have not availed classroom coaching and looking for online stuff, this is the place to be. You can find some useful material in the following link which I have shared.

Share this: Twitter Facebook. Find the sum of the measures of one interior and one exterior angle of a regular gon. An isosceles trapezoid has a mid segment measuring 13 cm and an area of 52 cm 2. If one base has length 10 cm, find the perimeter of the trapezoid in centimeters.

A right triangle with legs measuring 12 cm and 16 cm is inscribed in a circle. What is the circumference of the circle in centimeters? A square has a diagonal measuring 8 cm. When its area is expressed as 2 K square centimeters, what is K? One-fourth of the area of a square with each side measuring 2x cm is sectioned off and removed. Before And After pictures of the procedure appear to the right. The area removed is itself square-shaped.

What is the perimeter of the resultant figure in centimeters? A central angle measuring M intercepts an arc in a circle of radius r cm. The length of the subtended arc is 8 cm. The area of the sector formed by and including the angle is 48 cm 2. Evaluate M r. A regular hexagon with a perimeter of 12 2 units lies in the Cartesian plane in such a way that its center is on the origin, two of the vertices lie on the x-axis, and the midpoints of two of its sides lie on the y-axis.

If the portion of the hexagon that lies in Quadrant I is completely revolved around the x-axis, a solid whose volume is X cubic units results. If the same portion is completely revolved around the y-axis, a solid with a volume of Y cubic units results.

Evaluate 2 X Y. A circle is inscribed inside a square. The square is inscribed inside another circle. If the area of the small circle is cm 2 , what is the area of the large circle, in square centimeters? A circle is inscribed in a triangle with sides measuring 4 cm, 6 cm, and 8 cm. What is the area of the circle in square centimeters? An equilateral triangle T 1 has area 3 sq. A second triangle, T 2 , is drawn with vertices on the midpoints of the sides of T 1.

The midpoints of the sides of T 2 are the vertices of triangle T 3 , and so on. What is the sum of the perimeters, in centimeters, of all the triangles, T 1 , T 2 , T 3 etc.? In a 90 triangle, the longest side and the shortest side differ in length by units.

What is the length of the longest side? What is the area of a triangle with sides of lengths 7, 8 and 9? The base of an isosceles triangle is 80 cm long. If the area of the triangle cannot exceed square centimeters, what is the maximum number of centimeters in the perimeter of the triangle?

A triangle has sides measuring 41 cm, 41 cm and 18 cm. A second triangle has sides measuring 41 cm, 41 cm and x cm, where x is a whole number not equal to If the two triangles have equal areas, what is the value of x?

What is the length of BC? You have 6 sticks of lengths 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 cm. The number of non-congruent triangles that can be formed by choosing three of the sticks to make the sides is a 3 b 6 c 7 d 10 e 12 A triangle has sides of lengths 10, 24 and n, where n is a positive integer. The number of values of n for which this triangle has three acute angles is a 1 b 2 c 3 d 4 e 5 http: A person starts walking from B in a direction parallel to AC and stops when he reaches a point D directly east of C.

He, then, reverses direction and walks till he reaches a point E directly south of C. The total distance walked by the person is a 3 km b 4 km c 2 3 km d 6 km How many non-congruent triangles with perimeter 7 have integer side lengths? In the figure given below, triangle ABC is right-angled. What is the area of triangle ABD? Let ABC be an equilateral triangle with sides x.

Let P be the point of intersection of the three angle bisectors. What is the length of AP? The area of ABC is 60 square units. What is the measure of XDY? What is the measure of RST? Two sides of a triangle are of length 15 and 7 centimeters. If the length of the third side is an integer value, what is the sum of all the possible lengths of the third side?

He sows seeds of a crop evenly across the field, but he uses a new variety of manure in the area CEF E and F are midpoints of BD and BE, respectively whereas he uses the old variety in the rest of the field.

The yield per unit area of the crop in CEF is 3 times the yield in rest of the field. What is the ratio of the amount of crop produced in CEF to that produced in the rest of the field? The maximum possible area of rectangle DEFG is a 60 b c d e The degree measure of an angle whose complement is eighty percent of half the angles supplement is a 60 b 45 c 30 d 15 Two congruent triangles are placed, as shown, so that they overlap partly and their hypotenuses coincide.

The angles which the two transversals make with each other and with their respective lines are also shown. What is the value of x? The perimeter of an isosceles right triangle is 2a. What is the value of BE? The length of FG and GC are 3 and 5 units, respectively. What is the length of EF? Two telegraph poles of height a and b meters are on opposite sides of a road. Wires are drawn from top of one pole to the bottom of the other.

If the wires are completely taut, then how many feet above the ground will the wires cross each other? What is the length of AD? A square is inscribed inside the triangle with three vertices of the square on three sides of the triangle as shown in the adjacent figure.


Totalgadha Material

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Brush up your skills in geometry with the help of this wonderful book. Hi, Could I know where I could obtain the e-material of totalgadha? The quality of preparation depends on the standard of problems that you practice. At the same time, do not overload yourself with all the materials floating around in the market.



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