Oh Snap! You already know the basics of how to build a pinhole camera. Take a step further and your project can become a work of art as well as a fully functional object. This is exactly what set and prop designer Kelly Anwood has achieved with her pinhole model of a Hasselblad. Classic Hasselblad cameras won iconic status when they were used to document the landing of man on the Moon. They are known for their superb quality, reliability and elegant look.

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Lochblenden, Photonensiebe oder Zonenplatten, auch in Kombination mit passenden Filtern, lassen sich problemlos zwischen den Aufnahmeringen des Pancakeobjektivs installieren.

Die traditionelle Lochblende oder Pinhole liefert relativ scharfe Bilder mit Belichtungszeiten zwischen weniger als einer Sekunde und mehreren Minuten. Modular Pinhole Lens The modular Skink Pinhole Pancake System is the ideal addition to your camera and offers new creative opportunities to the photo enthusiast. Pinhole disks, zone plates or zone sieves — also in combination with suitable filters can easily be swapped and installed between the retaining rings in the center of the Pancake lens.

Depending on the desired effect, you can use your camera as a pinhole-, zone plate- or zones sieve camera. To a high degree the installed aperture determines how your vision is creatively interpreted in rendering an image. The traditional pinhole creates relatively sharp images with exposure times ranging from a fraction of a second to several minutes. A zone plate is made up of a patterns of radially symmetric rings, which surround a pinhole sized central zone.

Alternating transparent and opaque rings allow the light to pass through which renders and image by diffraction. Highlight are emphasized and appear with a dreamy halo-effect, while darker areas seem to be pushed into the background. Zone plates and zone sieves also have a larger transparent area.

This translates into a lower f-value and increased light sensitivity, which makes handheld photography with higher speed possible. Skink Pinhole Pancake lenses are made of premium quality materials to satisfy highest demands in terms of design, usability and image quality.


Oh Snap! Downloadable Hasselblad Pinhole Camera

DO NOT select fit to page. To ensure that you have printed the document correctly measure the rulers on each page against a real ruler. If the document is printed smaller than intended your film will not fit in the mechanism! Use a ISO film for best results as this is what the suggested exposure times are based on.


DIY 35mm Pinhole Hasselblad Camera – download and make your own awesome camera

I made the hole first with pihhole needle after that finished the hole with a. Be the first to review this item. Roundness, and an absolute minimum of edge upsets — tears, etc. Steve, I liked the link where he measures the hole size with the enlarger.


Hasselblad H6D


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