This form contains six sections that require entries to describe the type of maintenance action being reported. All entries must be legible and should be inserted within the tic marks. It consists of a five-character unit identification code UICa four-character workcenter code, and a four-character serial number opnav 2k pdf the job sequence number Opnav 2k pdf. Opnav Ck If an error is made, it be lined out using a single line, and the correct information entered. This text will cover only the basic actions. Opnav 2k pdf Opnav 2k pdf Opnav 2k pdf This form contains six sections that require entries to describe the type of maintenance action being reported.

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Manufacture of parts and or accessory items. Technical and engineering assistance. Maintenance Types There are two general types of ALRE maintenance performed without distinction as to levels of maintenance. They are upkeep and overhaul. The term applies to any method of processing required to ensure completion of standard operating periods, including, but not limited to, servicing, periodic inspections, functional and bench test, replacement, preservation, modification, and repair. It includes the repair, replacement, or servicing as necessary, followed by reassembly and functional test.

Upon completion of the overhaul process, the equipment will be capable of performing its intended service life. Overhaul may be performed on any type of launch and recovery equipment, associated systems and supporting assemblies. The CNO carries out these responsibilities through the direction of the naval systems commands, as well as the fleet and TYCOMs, and their supporting subordinate commands and offices. Figure shows the CNO command organization. This responsibility includes repair of ALRE equipment at the most economical level of maintenance.

It also includes the efficient use of data as a management tool to improve equipment material condition and safety. Program responsibilities include funding, manpower management, training and material management.

Every effort is made to have material located when and where it is needed. The success of the ALREMP in meeting the primary CNO objective to attain maximum operational readiness of ALRE equipment in support of flight operations is directly dependent upon the readily available material and repair parts that shall be maintained as a "never out" basis aboard ship. The ALRE supply organization is shown in figure Computation of ALRE material requirements in both range and depth.

This responsibility includes conducting and coordinating provisioning conferences and the identification and transfer of items to be managed by the Defense Logistics Agency DLA and other cognizant ICPs. Budgeting for and funding of appropriate ALRE material requirements. Procuring material directly from industry or via other government agencies. Maintaining ALRE spares and associated spare parts lists and ordering information.

Determining wholesale system supply asset repair or rework requirements of repairable components to be processed by naval or commercial repair or rework facilities. The COSAL is a technical and supply management document designed to enable ships to achieve maximum operating capability for extended periods, independent of external logistic support.

In addition, will provide all fleet reported issues to PEO T and continue to monitor until outstanding issues are resolved. Provides technical direction, guidance on procedures, and management review for each level of maintenance. Provides ALRE maintenance procedural documents sufficient to clearly define the maintenance functions, organizations, and responsibilities to perform these functions. Provides ALRE maintenance material allowance lists, together with lists of facilities that are authorized, available and required.

A major portion of this effort is done using a centralized system for the issue and control of TDs. Technical direction does not relieve commands from the responsibility of keeping seniors in the chain of command informed of material conditions affecting operational readiness.

Any authority operating or having operational control over ALRE has full authority and responsibility to impose such additional operating restrictions as may be prudent. TYCOMs shall be concerned with technical direction matters. When fleet operational requirements cannot be met as a result of limitations imposed by technical direction, recommendations shall be provided to CNO.

Responsibilities include: a. Developing the total aviation facilities requirements data package for integration into any Navy ship design. Ensuring compatibility of ship and aircraft installed automatic carrier landing systems. It is responsible for research, engineering, development, test and evaluation, systems integration, limited production, procurement, overhaul or repair, and in-service engineering of ALRE. As the in-service engineering agent and life cycle manager for ALRE, responsibilities include: a.

Management and oversight of programs necessary to meet the primary CNO objective to attain maximum operational readiness of ALRE equipment in support of flight operations. Artisans are responsible for ensuring the proper QA inspections of all work performed per established procedures. These activities perform major repairs, modifications and overhauls to ALRE and are responsible for the proper installation, alteration and test of this equipment under current drawings and directives.





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