Ask a question About the Book Daivagye She Rare, the author of the book Muhurta Chintamani hails from a family of astrologers and is 7th in the line of his predecessors and his book is getting acclaim till this date for his excellent work. This useful book combines time-tested hints on omens with features of electional astrology and was written in the holy city of Kashi in shaka era of , Vikram era of , Christian era of Of Muhurta branch of Triskand Jyotish this fruit and flower gives fragrance and flavor till this date. The greater details are given in the last chapter of the book. The readers who have any question on the current book can direct their queries to the author on manoramaoccultmh gmail. This is so, because no untoward or favourable event in life can be postponed or averted but by electing time for the same evilness can be minimized.

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Hence the credit for the present rendering of "Muhurta Chintamani" in English with copious explanatory notes and details goes only to Shri Sagar but for whose thankful insistence, this work would not have been feasible. In the ultimate analysis, like any branch of learning, even "Muhurta Jyotish" essentially aims at maxindsing human welfare: success and happiness.

And for achieving this goal, "Muhurta Jyotish" deals with a system of to determine specific epochs of time or muhurtas which would ensure successful and happy endings of various activities of events of life if initiated during those auspicious periods. Thus Muhurta Jyotish can help identify more favourable periods for starting and successful operation of various significant activities of life including business, industry, government or other social institutions or functions like marriage, journey or even starting the medical treatment of an ailment.

In this backdrop, "Muhurta Chintamani" a 16th century text, was chosen for translation as, it is by far the most exhaustive and time-tested treatise on the subject. There is another aspect of this book which I must reemphasize. During the course of my presentation in the form of exhaustive notes, tables of charts or other mathematical aids, adequate care has been to ensure that original essence of the text is not lost of misplaced.

Even chosing a town to settle down has been given importance. Whenever necessary remedial measures to dispel inauspicious influences have been given. I have made a very modest attempt in presenting this commentary as I am aware of the fact that book demand a very detailed and lucid explanations.

As and when felt necessary even divergent views have been given to widen the understanding and comprehension. As I close, my heart goes to thank Prof. Chauhan but for whose affection and devoted attention, this book would not be in the present form. I owe to him more than just a few words of formal gratitude. I must however, than him for all he has done to improve the language in many ways.


Muhurt Chintamani



Muhurta Chintamani



Muhurta Chintamani - English


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