The Girder Clamp symbolizes Lindapters concept perfectly; boldly challenging the need to drill or weld, when a safe, high strength connection can be quickly accomplished by clamping two steel sections together. The connections shown throughout this catalog are actual applications from real project successes, both new construction and the refurbishment of existing structures. Standard Grade 5 Hex Nut 2. Standard Hardened Washer 3. Lindapter Clamp Dependent on the application different clamps could be used, i. Packing Piece In combination with the clamps mentioned above, these parts increase the tail length to enable the product to sit correctly on the beam.

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Unistrut Telestrut Framing System. Guard Rail Barrier Products. Unistrut Fiberglass Framing System. Lindapter Secures Target Field Canopy. Download your Lindapter Catalogs or go ahead and place your order in our online store today!

Hollo Bolt sometimes referrred to as lindapters, box bolt, blind bolt, hollow bolt or hollow bolts. Sign Posts and Accessories. Unistrut Wing Shape Fittings. Increased Product Availability in California. Lindapter is the maker of the original blind connection: New Floor Connections Brochure by Lindapter.

Save paper — download the most up to date version of the Lindapter Catalog here, in digital format. U Channel Sign Post. Site Produced by VertaSource. Type I and II Barricades. Unistrut Special Application Fittings. Bolt Down Sign Stands. Telespar for Industrial and OEM. Unistrut Metal Framing System.

Unistrut Seismic Retrofit Fittings. Parking Lot and Misc Signs. Lindapter, the pioneer of steel clamping systems has released a new ljndapter guide for designing steel connections, featuring specification data, technical diagrams, and installation guidance. Connections for Modular Construction. Roll Up Signs Stands. Get key data on the Hollo Bolts, including lindapter hollo bolt capacity. Telespar Sign Post Accessories.

Lindapter Launches New Catalog. Braces Brackets and Hardware. Unistrut Flat Plate Fittings. Unistrut U Shape Fittings. Clarity for Specifiers and Buyers. Get Instant Access to Lindapter part numbers, product specifications, engineering data, load tables, product finishes, and more!

Channelizer Drums and Cones. Grate Lock Interlock Grating. The catalog has been created to assist specifiers, fabricators and constructors alike by providing a wealth of technical data including 3D models which clearly illustrate examples of structural steel connections that can now be achieved.

Heavy Duty Grip Strut Grating. Threaded Rod and Couplers. Unistrut 90 Degree Fittings. Unistrut Spring Nuts and Hardware. Parking Lot Sign System. TOP Related Posts.





Lindapter Weld-Free Steel Connectors


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