Welche Alternativen gibt es zum Kubotan? Was ist ein Kubotan? Das Design ist eine Anlehnung an den sog. Wie verwendet man ein Kubotan? Um das Kubotan jedoch richtig und wirkungsvoll zu nutzen bedarf es einiger Trainingseinheiten. Dabei ist besonders das mentale Training wichtig, damit auch in Angstsituationen die volle Kontrolle bewahrt werden kann.

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Davis then former Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department , created the weapon and began training female officers in its application.

It is often touted as extremely effective in breaking the will of unruly suspects with painful locks and pressure point strikes. Concept[ edit ] Applied as a weapon, some of its usage can be similar to that of the yawara stick or koppo stick.

The principal targets in self-defence include bony, fleshy and sensitive parts such as knuckles, forearms, the bridge of the nose, shins, stomach, solar plexus , spine, temple, ribs, groin, neck and eyes.

The Kubotan is usually held in either an icepick grip for hammerfist strikes or forward grip for stabbing, pressure point attacks and seizing. With keys attached, it can function as a flailing weapon. As a pressure point weapon it can attack any point a finger can, but with greater penetration because of the smaller surface area at the ends. In other locking and compliance applications, the body of the Kubotan can be used to create pain. Downward squeezing pressure is then applied to the bone to take down the attacker.

Legality[ edit ] The Kubotan may appear as an innocuous key fob to the untrained eye. In some cases however it may be recognized and considered an offensive weapon in some jurisdictions. In the United States there are few legal restrictions on Kubotans, with the notable exception that they are prohibited as carry-on items for air travellers. Because a Kubotan is just a rod of a hard material, any restrictive regulation would most likely be ambiguous and undefined due to the ability for any common item to be used in a kubotan-like fashion.

In this respect, the Kubotan can be substituted by everyday items such as hairbrushes, pens, markers, flashlights, small wooden dowels and even electronic cigarettes. Metal pens i.

Trademark[ edit ] A generic Self-Defence Keychain Stick SDKS with tapered end Over time the registered name "Kubotan" has been eroded and genericized to include many knockoffs and imitations of the original design. Some incorporate spikes, tapered ends, and other modifications that were not part of the original invention.

Peters, Jr.


Kubotan Training

Kubota took an old idea and made it more modern for more modern times. The original Kubotan trademarked by Kubota was a small rod approximately 5. It had a swivel eye screwed into one end so that it could be used as a keychain handle. At the request of the Los Angeles Police Department Kubota, a martial arts instructor, developed a simple training program, using the Kubotan, that would allow smaller stature officers an advantage in restraining and handcuffing suspects. Extensive skill building includes targeting pressure points, sensitive bony areas, and even vital targets. The Kubotan is typically used as a fist load squeezed in the fist for punching , striking implement, leveraging tool, and flail. As a fist load any punch becomes more effective and less injurious to the defender.


Is A Kubotan Effective In Self Defense? Training & Techniques

Whatever the danger might be, the answer to being safe could lie in an unassuming little stick-like metal about the size and weight of a pen. Is a Kubotan Effective in Self-defence? Yes, a Kubotan is most definitely effective as a well disguised and unassuming means of self-defense especially if you have some understanding of how it is best used to gain an edge over your attacker, bearing in mind that the protection it provides depends on the level of training and skills obtained. A more detailed look at this below explains how it actually is effective and how the secret potential and training techniques of the Kubotan can really make your attacker bow to you in submission, literally. What Makes A Kubotan Effective? The effectiveness of a kubotan lies in the ability to provide a non-invasive defense option which can possibly provide an ulterior restrain on your adversary providing a perfect escape for you to flee. The following are characteristics which highlight some of the reasons that make the kubotan effective.

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