Jump to navigation Jump to search Carl Gustav Jung. He empirically discovered that certain key problems of modern man were prefigured in what the alchemists called their "art" or "process". Edward F. Edinger poses an important question in the introduction to his book "The Mystery of The Conjunctio": "One might ask, why alchemy? The alchemists were fired with the beginnings of the modern spirit of inquiry, but yet, as investigators of the nature of matter they were still half asleep.

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Our textbooks in the public schools either treated alchemy as proto-chemistry or as patent fraud. Jung suggests that at least some alchemists were quite sincere about an agenda which went beyond mere chemistry.

They, some of them, were seeking self-transformation or salvation , their practices being an objectification of their inner states. This he seems to demonstrate and plausibly interpret in this volume.

Whether this insight was original with Jung is unknown to me. Whatever the case, I appreciated being brought to reconsider my previous dismissal of the work of alchemists. His ability to overview the psyche through the ages and different cultures enabled the 20th century to have a better understand of humanity as whole and our inner disconnectedness as the inevitable truth. From the stand point of any religion with his help, we now can understand our universality and the work to be done to grow as individuals and as humanity.

He is not easy to read but many of his followers have it made Carl Jung is the greatest genius and champion of the mind in our century. He is not easy to read but many of his followers have it made easier for us. If you read at least some of his books the most general ones, your life will be enriched and your mind enlarged. The Coniunctionis refers to the Tao, or the unity of all things, it is at treatsie on practical mysticism, fitted into the language of modern day psychology.

The Mysterium Coniunctionis is the unification of the conscious ego self, and the unconscious, the anima and aenima, which results in "one-ness with all things, or AyaMayA". Feb 02, Sandy rated it it was amazing One of the most complicated Jungian books Ive read, but in his typical style he reveals gems of wisdom if you take the time to search for them.


Collected Works of C.G. Jung, Volume 14 : Mysterium Coniunctionis



Mysterium Coniunctionis


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