Shelves: print-inventory I was extremely afraid beginning this book that things were going to move slowly This story was fast paced, with lots of action, awe-inspiring plot twists and passion and love finally embraced. Cara works to prove that she has earned the right to lead her people and that everyone on the I was extremely afraid beginning this book that things were going to move slowly Cara works to prove that she has earned the right to lead her people and that everyone on the team is, if not equal, able to bring something valuable to the cause. Sven and Cara must learn to embrace their differences-and similarities- in order to lead the Winikin in the battle for their lives. Trusting their own judgement and each others, because sometimes the best choice is to let the chips fall where they may and handle the fallout.

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Magic Unchained 4 By: Jessica Andersen Her stomach churned as she took the smooth, thin stone, but there was adrenaline alongside the nerves now.

The funeral ceremony was one of the very few rituals that called on the winikin to make their own blood sacrifice, bringing it very close to an actual spell. And there were recent hints that the winikin could do magic, after all.

But although Dez had lifted the stricture forbidding the winikin from working magic—he too had been put in place to shake things up—none of them had been able to manage even the simplest spell.

She kept hoping, though. As she slid her fingers along the spine, all other thoughts fell away, leaving only her awareness of the pyre and the others gathered around her, the sudden tension in the air.

Please, gods, she whispered inwardly. Then, steeling herself, she set the spine to the tip of her tongue, then closed her eyes and, with a quick, jerky move, drove the bloodletter deep and yanked it free again. Pain flashed and her stomach lurched as blood filled her mouth, making her want to gag at the salty tang.

Instead, she let the blood pool in her mouth, then stepped forward and spit out the mouthful of mingled saliva and blood—both sacred to the gods, who had given their blood to create mankind in a land where water was scarce. Optimism flared for a nanosecond… and then died. Because when her offering hit the pyre there were none of the red-gold sparkles the Nightkeepers talked about seeing when they dialed into their magic, no buzzing hum in the air.

All she got was a throbbing tongue, a gnarly case of muck-mouth, and a solid reminder that none of the prophecies ever even mentioned anyone besides the Nightkeepers fighting in the final battle, never mind using magic to do it. Exhaling, she passed the spike to Zane, who took it without comment and made his sacrifice in grim silence. The others did the same, all the way around the circle until the bloodletter returned to Rabbit, who touched it to his lips and then tossed it on the pyre.

Rabbit looked around the circle again, as if he wanted to say something else. She stumbled back, shielding her face with her arm as the churning in her stomach suddenly increased a thousandfold.

A huge lightning bolt lashed up from the fiery pillar and speared into one of the black storm clouds. Cara screamed, heart clutching as the cloud freaking detonated, fragmenting into dark chunks that plummeted toward the earth, trailing vapor. The missiles hit in a circular spray around them, impacting meteor-fast, shaking the earth beneath her feet and digging huge craters that spewed dirt and broken stone.

Some of the winikin responded instantly, scrambling into the four fighting teams; others stood and gaped. The funeral is under attack!

Catching sight of movement, Cara missed a step, and the churning in her gut suddenly condensed to a hard, cold pit of terror. What were they? She saw jaguars, foxes, eagles, owls, all black and slick, their pelts glued together into slimy spikes by a sticky coating, as if they had just been born, fully formed, from the underworld itself. The demons screeched and roared as they materialized, a dozen of them and then more, landing with earth-shuddering thuds and casting around momentarily before they oriented on the winikin and began to move.

They were slow at first, uncoordinated, as if learning to use their bodies. Also By Jessica Andersen.


Magic Unchained



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Magic Unchained by Jessica Andersen


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