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Originally, many thought that these open circuits were in the solder joint or were caused by peeling copper. The demand for high density is increasing the number of terminations and driving lead spacing to dimensions. One issue that has received the greatest attention in this revision is the acceptance criterion for voids in BGAs. Number of pages There are many reasons for this phenomenon, which stems from new laminate formulations to address the higher lead-free temperatures and thinner layers at the surface creating less resin over the glass reinforcement.

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Dijas It is also necessary to verify the adaptation of the assembly components. Yin, Case Study Research: Write a customer review. This process should also be carried through a controlled temperature profile to pic defects in the welding of Balls. Duringthe company in study went through a migration from Tin-Lead Welding Technology to Lead-Free Welding, assisting an international demand; however, this transition worsens the process problems because the lead-free welding is usually harder and more brittle than conventional lead and tin welds [4].

Analysis of the quality of the welding process in the exchange of component of BGA technology Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. As previously affirmed, the normal process to accomplish the reworking is to try to emulate the Reflow profile production for the individual component to be substituted [13]. The BGA component is an example thoroughly used in printed circuit boards by a process of reflow welding, which is one of the critical items in Surface Mount Technology.

Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? This fact leads to the inference that the quality of the process in question may reflect in better conditions and cost competitiveness for the investigated organization. IPC serves to the industry of electronic, specifically to the manufacturers related with the process of Printed Boards with acceptability patterns internationally accepted [14].

These costs considering the exchange of the component are presented in Table 2: The Components of the type Ball Ipd Array BGA are commonly used in microelectronic industry that works with high-density pins terminalgood heat transfer and low cost [7]. The researched company presents, in its Productive process of Printed Circuit Mother Board PCI MB of Laptops, a stage in which a change opc components of BGA technology carried out, due to some bad ippc, and it can be said that it is very difficult to verify and to prevent the failures, because they are caused by several factors, such as thermal — mechanics and shock stresses [2]; however, the company ignores the quality level of the welding process accomplished in this change of BGA, and such knowledge is important because the more an organization invests in preventive tasks, the less failures will occur in the process and the manufacturing cost will drop or at least the costs will remain as predicted in the manufacturing planning.

Knowing the quality of its processes is essential, so that the company can work to get lesser costs and better conditions of competitiveness, then, this article could demonstrate the importance of the quality in the welding processes of BGA exchange becoming reference for future works inside the studied organization and for other companies which use BGA components in their manufacturing processes. The Reflow welding process consists of heating up the whole mounted board to liquefy the solder paste to form welding unions between SMDs and PCB without altering the original characteristics of the electric components.

Materials and Methods The following paragraphs describe the main methodological aspects employed in the preparation of this case study, where the main focus of the diagnostic study was the quality of the welding process performed in the exchange of components of BGA technology.

It is used a reflow furnace to heat up the mounted boards to an appropriate temperature in a specified period of time to a tax of appropriate heating [12]. In this survey, we ask questions related to PCB surface finishes and lead-free soldering because these answers also will be necessary in our next revision. The other area that has received considerable attention in this revision is BGA rework using hot air and laser methods, as well as ways to prevent damage to adjacent components.

This article aimed to conduct an analysis of the quality of the Reflow of soldering in exchange of component of BGA technology. Nature of the Research This work can be classified as a descriptive research that uses the technique of the case study as collection and analysis of data tool, with an approach so much qualitative as quantitative; the method of the case study allows the researchers to keep the holistic and significant characteristics of the events of the real life [21].

Taking into account the data i-iii verified in the cross-section analysis of the BGA component according to the criteria of acceptability presented in Figure 6it is possible to affirm that the weld join analyzed was found in compliance with the Standards IPC-A and IPCB, therefore, it can be said that the process of welding in the BGA exchange fulfills the international concepts of quality.

Before proceeding with our next revision to Icwe will conduct a survey, and you can help shape the next revision. The intent is to provide useful and practical information to the industry. The other area that needs to be revisited d design of land patterns for BGAs.

In the period from April 01 to May 31,the acquisition of data verified that the amount of this model of produced Notebooks reached the total of 16, PCI MB and BGAs were changed, corresponding to an index of 1. While looking for other defects during X-ray, invariably some voids are detected.

The European Union approved a legislation named RoHS Restriction of Hazardous Substances Policy that prohibits the lead Pb use and several other substances in electronic products with beginning on July [16]. Ciudad Universitaria Calle 67 No. Get to Know Us. Pecht, Lead-Free Electronics1 st ed. If you participate in the survey, we will provide you with a summary of answers from industry colleagues regarding the use of BGA components.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. The IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries is a global commercial association devoted to the competitive excellence of their filial companies around the world. In general, the heating profile for removing the component is the same as for the assembly of the component [9].

Definition of Research Opportunity The use ic components of BGA technology needs that companies carry out a complete monitoring of the process to assure the welding quality. This activity is inserted in the process of production of Notebooks.

Results of the survey will help organize the amendment being discussed for IPC B. TOP 10 Related.


IPC-7095C Design and Assembly Process Implementation for BGAs

Moogukasa The use of components of BGA technology needs that companies carry out a complete monitoring of the process to assure the welding quality. The X-ray images were executed in the studied company. The f and techniques used were the qualitative-quantitative approach, conducted by the case study technique in the welding process of the BGA component by collecting cross section and X-ray and data analysis alignment, cracks and voids within the process. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.


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Covers the challenges for implementing all types of BGA components?? Information in document focuses on inspection, repair and reliability with BGA components 3 Purpose?? To provide practical and useful information to users of BGA components?? Target audience is managers, design and process engineers, operators and technicians 4 Intent?? This document identifies many of the issues involved which will influence the implementation of a robust BGA assembly process?? Peripheral devices with 1. Larger pin count devices require lead pitches on 0.




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