If you are not comfortable applying for gas connection online, a choice to apply it following offline or manual methods. For applying offline, all you need to do is approach neighboring Indane gas distributor located in your district. While approaching the center, make sure to carry identity proof and also proof of your home address. If in case, there is waiting for getting a new connection you shall be allotted with a waiting checklist number and soon once the waiting is cleared up, the gas connection shall be installed at the requested place. The progress of your waiting number on the list shall be updated to you via intimation letters hence you need not have to worry about missing any kind of information.

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You can choose your option by pressing 1, 2 or 3. If a customer prefers this method, they will have to provide their customer number and contact details at the office. Part of its success lies in its ability to ensure that only the relevant information is required, removing all non essential administration where necessary and investing in industry standard telecommunication technology.

Whether you are requesting a gas cylinder refill or a new LPG connection, Indane has ensured that the whole process can be done in minutes, saving the busy customer their valuable time and reducing stress. In the Indian Government launched the Digital India campaign to empower the Indian people by allowing all government services to be available online for its citizens.

Product Tracking Before the ingenious idea of product tracking, customers would have to wait patiently for their order to arrive. This waiting can sometimes be agonising and frustrating, especially when you need your product urgently. Before product tracking became a reality, customers only option was to call the company office and enquire, hoping that the customer services personnel would be able to locate where your ordered products were and when they may arrive at your address.

Now, all that agony and frustration is gone. Customers can now directly track their requests by SMS and email, notifying them of where their products are at that particular point in time. Offering customers complete transparency and peace of mind. Product tracking has also lead to improved monitoring of new LPG connections for customers who are using the e-SV process. Now every stage of the process can be monitored, reducing the length of time for new Indane Gas LPG connections to be issued.

Customer Awareness Indane believes the more a customer is aware of the options available to them, the better they are at making choices for them which will benefit them more. This belief has lead Indane to create informative product pages online where customers can not only purchase products online but also research all the products available to them, familiarising themselves with cylinder sizes and the types of gas connections.

This has lead to a reduction in the need for customers to call Indane or visit a distributor, saving them time and energy. This has also meant that customers are now more aware of what documents they need to provide when applying for either a new LPG connection or gas cylinder refill, again saving time and energy.

Cashless Transactions Once a customer has made an informed decision on the product they would like to purchase, instead of having to withdraw substantial amounts of money and make a trip to their local distributor, they can simply make the payment online via the web portal. Payments can be made one of three ways, either by credit or debit card or by net banking through a payment gateway. Customers should ensure that when making online payments they use a computer they know is secure to reduce the possibility of online fraud or theft.

No Need to Visit the Distributor Purchasing products online has been enormously time saving for millions of customers. It is no longer necessary to have to locate your nearest distributor, travel there with the possibility of battling traffic on the way, wait in a queue to place your order, and then finally, travel back home.

This has the effect of reducing stress and increasing leisure time for customers. It is especially helpful to persons with physical or mental disabilities, elderly people or people with children. It also means customers can order not only from home but also from the work place if they have access to a computer.

Customers using e-SV can reap all of these benefits. Avoiding Duplicate Orders Indane is aware that sometimes products are ordered more than they should be. This can sometimes happen either due to a technical error or if a customer who is not too computer literate requests more than they needed to by accident.

All new requests for gas connections submitted online are checked for the possibility of duplication. Liquefied Petroleum Gas, which can sometimes be referred to as propane or butane, is one of the cleanest energy sources available, reducing the damage to the environment and contributing to cleaner air quality.

LPG is also highly energy efficient meaning customers get more for their money. Indane ensures that all its customers are ready and fully equipped to handle their new LPG connections. These industry leading high standard products drastically reduce the possibility of a fatal accident occurring. If you have any questions that this page does not answer in regards to ordering your new Indane Gas Connection, or ordering a gas cylinder refill, please contact the Indane Customer Care number for your region, who are trained to deal with whatever questions you may have.

Please be advised that these numbers are only available during the day. It is also possible to contact an officer at the company, whose details are available on the Indane web portal. What is Indane Preferred Time Delivery? LPG cylinders are usually delivered in the order of the booking number, but it is possible to request a preferred date and time slot for your delivery to arrive at your address. However, please note this will cost an additional charge, which will depend on the time of the day you have selected for the delivery.

Are there options for Indane Preferred Time Delivery customers? How do I register for the Indane Preferred Delivery option? Once you are a fully registered customer with Indane, you will be able to register yourself as a preferred Delivery customer. To do this you can either log on to the Indane web portal and submit and an application or you can visit your local LPG distributor and register there.

Does Indane conduct a safety audit on its products? If so, when does this take place? As LPG is an extremely flammable material, it is very important that the equipment is thoroughly checked and maintained. To arrange an inspection, customers are required to contact their distributor to schedule an inspection by one of their mechanics who will conduct a detailed checked of all LPG products. What is the cost of the safety audit? The safety audit will cost the customer Rs. Can I return gas cylinders?

If you have any questions in regards to returning a gas cylinder due to being unhappy with the service or quality, please call the Indane Customer Care team who will raise the issue and investigate. Other Issues If you are still having difficulties or are unsure how to proceed, Indane wants to know what they are. Not able to call a specific office? Not able to find what you are looking for on the portal? Indane takes all issues and complaints seriously and seeks to resolve all problems as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Please contact the Indane Customer Care team to tell us your concerns.


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