What do you get? A bunch of guys with godlike-powers on the verge of a nervous breakdown. More or less, yes. Maybe you should consider applying for a consulting job with the above-mentioned reluctant god wannabes.

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Samutaur The Strugatsky combo of Boris and Arkady is so dynamic and well-meshed that I had no idea when I made the transition from one writers work to then next. Feeling confident in his superior abilities and contacts in the military and the criminal world alike, Rumata plans to escape with Kira to Earth.

See my post on The Book Adventures for read-alikes. Copy provided by NetGalley ne thanks for bringing this book to my attention! After confessing that he, in fact, kidnapped Dr. The idea of someone with near-godlike powers sent into an imperfect world and trying to do the right thing is fascinating and raises all sorts of good questions.

A friend pointed out to me that to truly appreciate the relevance of this story to actual human events, one only has to note the environment in which the authors lived which happened to be communist Russia. And it was also said that sometimes the windows shone with unnatural light, sounds resounded through the forest, and a column of smoke reached up from the chimney to the sky. Overall, this book gives readers an interesting glimpse into classic science fiction from Russia.

And the transition to religious oppression came out of nowhere. The hubris of attempting to subject an aggregate of unpredictable, individual human actions into an iron law of historic inevitability is not new to science fiction. They make a case for more attention to translations if my opinion. Although, sooner or later, it will likely be screened more widely: As with other Strugatsky novels, that question is not answered until the very end of the book.

A group of earthlings are monitoring this society covertly and it is through the eyes of one of the earth born humans that resides amongst this society that we get a good look into the mirror of the past and into the magnifying glass of t This is one of the best books ever! It roughly followed the plot of the book and revealed several previously unknown details.

Return to Book Page. Outside of films, whenever we think of aliens we tend to see them as superior beings, with great knowledge to impart, more sophisticated technology, etc. It would raise few eyebrows today, if it was a new publication. View all 7 comments. Brodsky would have raised his eyebrows. The train, which transported the refugees, including young Strugatsky, was bombed; some people survived, the future writer among them. Rumata himself is not very likable and comes off as a bit of a hypocrite, self-righteously above it all, waiting for things to get better on their own.

Hard to Be a God by Arkady Strugatsky The novel follows Anton, an undercover operative from the future planet Earth, in his mission on an alien planet that is populated by human beings whose society has not advanced beyond the Middle Ages.

As a science fiction novel, I enjoyed Hard to be a God. Anton decides to go further and discovers remnants from World War II — a skeleton of a German gunner chained to his machine gun or so he says to his friends.

Strange Horizons is a weekly magazine of and about speculative fiction. But for Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, who lived and worked in the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War, neither kind of distance could be possible. After graduating, he was assigned to a Military University, where he taught foreign languages.

The first is that Hard to be a God is essentially plotless, and pretty repetitive. Related Articles.


Hard to Be a God

The children live in a futuristic utopia, and the teenagers feel drawn to adventure. While the children play they find an abandoned road with a road sign reading "wrong way". Anton decides to go further and discovers remnants from World War II — a skeleton of a German gunner chained to his machine gun or so he says to his friends. Anton has taken the role of Don Rumata. He has the current task of investigating the disappearance of a famed scientist, Doctor Budah, who may have been kidnapped by Don Reba, the Prime Minister of Arkanar. Don Reba leads a campaign against all educated people in the kingdom, blaming them for all the calamities and misfortunes of the kingdom.


Hard To Be A God


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