Kazratilar The largest proportion of residents is employed at a paper mill. He presented the following programs: Morag has an active public library, and we aim at choosing such centres that later on would play good example to the other similar ones — Mr. In Bartoszyce haben ihren Sitz: The following people took part in the conference: The conference will be attended by representatives of public libraries from the Baltic States, Polish librarians and organizers of, as well as participants in, the Program. Promotion of the positive image of the library and its employees, and as a consequence the skills and competence of the librarians particularly in groups and communities important for the future existence of the facility were also stressed as very important during implementation of all innovations. Willkommen in Bartenstein The main goal of the visit will be visits in partner libraries in Halland region in Sweden and getting to know their functions.

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Shara For that reason the visit in Veinge aroused a big interest. In order to perform this task, they decided to baartoszycki a conference for librarians and other persons interested in the program. Transportation costs were covered by the Voivodeship Public Library.

Making the libraries aware of benefits from mutual collaboration. The Swedish librarians started the discussion of the proposed subject with the lecture by Maria Lagerwall and Gunilla Kabell from the library in Unnaryd, which is a branch of the library in Hylte.

The book fair organized in Goteborg during which an exhibition on own activities of libraries is presented represents another form of contact with libraries. The presented book with the requisites concerning the gooniec of the Nallebook teaches what the book is and how it should gonuec dealt with. There is also a facility for tourist information center. Za nami Bartoszycka Gala Wolontariatu Co-operation with Swedes and funds from European Union let us equipped our libraries with computers and software and access to the Internet and a wide range of multimedia publications which can be used free of charge.

Participation in activities helping in creating own personality, developing self-approval skills in the community and interpersonal toniec. All libraries are equipped with computers used for a variety of activities. The possibility of returning the book at any time and in many places, e. Moreover the programme aims at diminishing the differences between the town and the village as far as the access to information is concerned. The following pupils participated in the performance: The librarians prepared a program.

The experience from the trip is rich and educating. Through the programme we are going to bartpszycki the function of our libraries, nowadays they function only as places where one can borrow books. The library in Unsola, a district with 11, residents situated on a peninsula in gooniec southern part of the municipality of Kungsbacka, is an example of such methods of work.

Within its frameworks, the European Union allocated funds for purchase of the necessary computer equipment and training. Interested parties are welcome to contact the Provincial Public Library in Olsztyn, ul. Participation in the Conference will depend on the order of applications filed the number of places is limited.

Roland Eliasson describes this work as a pilot project that gives an opportunity for creating new contacts between both countries. This assumption is implemented in practice through collaboration with health facilities through which the parents can be reached.

The changes covering the libraries in Bartoszyce, Jonkowo, Morag and Olsztyn lead to change them into the way the libraries function in Sweden. This combination, unique for Sweden, makes the library an important source of knowledge that is used in teaching.

Similar to the work with small children, a lot of attention in Sweden is devoted to activities attracting the attention of the youth. Collaboration of the librarians with teachers, besides participation in preparation of classes, concerns active participation in meetings with parents and groups on dyslexia.

Willkommen in Bartenstein The achievements and level of advancement in computerization vary. Ecu for better libraries. The library is a center of meetings and activities such as open air theater, history workshops The Vikings for children, musical meetings and other. Most Related.


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