However, each of the seven modules can be divided into three, with the giant modules G the drow modules D and the Queen of the Demonweb Pits Q1. I did actually run this module once a long time ago however the game pretty much died when the players got into the underdark and that is probably because I The Original Drow Adventure 10 July They call this a supermodule in that it is a collection of seven modules as opposed to the usual four that many of these modules contain. I did actually run this module once a long time ago however the game pretty much died when the players got into the underdark and that is probably because I decided to branch out from the original modules and run my own, however I also suspect that one of the players was reading ahead, so by taking it into my own modules it sort of upset his advantage. The story begins when a city is suddenly enveloped by a black sphere that is slowly growing. You are on the outside of the sphere, and nobody can get in or out, but being heroic adventurers, you are recruited to find out what happened and to put a stop to it. From this fort you are then taken to an ice palace inhabited by Frost Giants, and then to a volcano inhabited by Fire Giants.

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TSR Inc. Sutherland and in Canada by Random House of Canada. Distributed to the toy and hobby trade by regional distributers. Illustrators: Bill Willingham. David A. Dennis Kauth. Any reproduction or other unauthorized use of the material or art- Dave LaForce work contained herein is prohibited without the express written permission of TSR. Typography: Linda Bakk. Betty Elmore. All Rights Reserved. Rathmore Road Lake Geneva. WI Cambridge CB1 4AD United Kingdom Deep within the bowels of the Earth there text to serve as reminders of specific details of demonic citadel-stealing would be ideal , or lives a fell race, the drow, who conspire and encounters.

The ultimate success of this adventurein your Mountains to the Pomarj. Yet as deadly as Finally, the demoness statistics and abili- campaign rests upon you, the DM. Appendix 2 contains a com- well, that determine how enjoyable your games The story of the Queen of the Spiders is one plete list of new magical items that appear in with this adventure are.

There is no right way of plots within plots, wheels within wheels. Appendix 3 summarizes further to run any encounter. There is only your way of Each level of the conspiracy has its own mas- adventures in the maze-like realm beneath running encounters. You may add or delete from ters or mistresses and hidden reasons for the Hellfurnaces, and Appendix 4 suggests the story as you see fit.

What is contained within their actions. All the parties involved wield further adventures for the Demonweb Pits. It is recommended that at the The adventure begins with getting the char- Creatures start of the adventure no characters be of less acters to Sterich, where strange doings are The statistics for all creatures encountered than 8th level, with loth level the norm as the afoot.

If the characters in your campaign have are collected for your easy reference. The com- characters leave the surface world and journey played through A , begin play with the plex details of the drow, kuo-toa, svirfneblin, into the sunless realms of the depths beneath Prologue Section that follows.

Characters and other-planar creatures demons and the earth. Characters of less than 8th level will gathered together for this adventure begin on daemons are collected in Appendix 3. Study quickly find themselves overwhelmed by the the borders of Sterich in Chapter One.

Just as characters of ing bases, the Steadingof the Hill Giants. What tures are summarized in the map booklet, in a the characters find there leads deeper into the central section. Such nature of the creatures that have urged the gi- Treasures ants to attack human lands-the drow. The characters are best left running their own bar- Most creatures have valuables of some sort. Use standard procedures to erful enough to manipulate the giants into war with mankind is unheard of!

Unearthed Ar- Idlo Result finally in the Vaults of the Drow, and the city of cana will also be helpful for the players, not Erelhei-Cinlu,where the dark elves rule. No stone may in- standing some of the beings and encounters in off the Prime Material Plane entirely, for the crease more than 7 times. The DM should have his copy truly malevolent force behind the ills of 2 Double value; do not roll again. Only by confronting her will the PCs be roll again.

Manual ZI will prove valuable as well for full able to free the land of her dread curse. If the DM desires to expand and quickly snowballs into an epic adventure again. No stone may vival Guide is highly recommended. For ease of play, the adventure is divided swords and flaming spells, another is discerned into chapters, with each chapter lasting about behind it, one more powerful than the first, Gem Value Categories an evening of adventuring some evenings which must in turn be defeated.

It may , gp 5,OOOgp 5gp on her home plane, may take several evenings be adapted for use in your own campaign ei- , gp 1, gp 1 gp to play. The DM should carefully read the ther by locating it in a similar area in your own , gp gp 1Osp chapter or two to be covered in that evening, game world another mountain-bordering 50, gp 1oogp 5 sp highlighting or marking any sections in the state suddenly beset by gigantic invaders and 25, gp 50 gP 1 SP 3 The Schemes Of The Drow While the Noble houses of the dark elves and will band together against a common There dwells a race deep within the recesses feud, the demoness Lolth spins her own webs.

This material is represented in the sec- of the earth, a race that shuns the light of day She has been growing in power over the years, tion on the Vault of the Drow, and is included and worship fell beings such as spider-demon despite the defection of Eclavdra and her ilk. This is the race of the dark elves, also Using the power she has gained, she is ready to appearance of letters from Eclavdra, and called the drow.

This adventure revolves around the machi- Lolth draws worlds into her web, worlds to nations and plots of the largest drow commu- be conquered. She intends to add the World Worshippers ofLolrh of Greyhawk to her collection.

House Kilsek nity in the Crystalmist mountains, the city of Erelhei-Cinlu. This great drow city, the largest Lolth controls one of the layers of the Clan Hook Allied with Puffball of its type, is located in the beneath the Abyss, and uses her power as ruler of that Clan Puffball Allied with Hook, Gem realm to attack realms in the Prime Material House Despana Hellfurnaces, but the plots spun within its walls threaten to draw in all the overworld na- Plane.

Her next target is House Noquar semblance of order in that they are ruled by the Oerth, home of the player characters. She Clan Mushrooms Lozenge, Crescent eight great noble families who preside over 16 intends to suck the dimension in, a bit at a Clan Horsetail Lozenge merchant clans. The city maintains male and time, and place it within her realm.

Once she House Everhate female fighting societies to keep rivalries be- has done this, she will crush the population Clan Lozenge Mushroom, Horsetail, Cres- tween families and clans in check. A separate and enslave them to her will. The drow clergy her own temporal power, and so is encourag- enge have encouraged the worship of the spider- ing the giants to step up their attacks on the demoness Lolth, and the demoness gained lands of the Yeomancy and Sterich. Lolth, in her own way, sees Eclavdrasforces House Eilserv Elcavdra Recently, however, there has been a split in as softening up the area for her main attack.

Two no- She does not, however, wish Eclavdra to be- Clan Bars Bone ble families, House Eilserv and the lesser come truly powerful on the planet she is about Clan Bone Bar House Tormtor, have sought to extend their to conquer, nor does she wish houses Eilserv House Tormtor power over the surface world through actively and Tormtor to become the supreme ruling Clan Chain Prism encouraging evil agents in the lands above.

It houses in her new world. Clan Prism Chain, Coiled Whip is house Eilserv that provided the support for This is how the player characters first come the slave-lords of the Pomarj, and have been to Lolths attention. The demoness is aware There are two outstanding merchant clans. Clan Star is similar, but favors Eilserv.

This sudden increase in activity with the such that Eclavdra has approved the removal Most NPC drow encountered are Chaotic equal increase in power for the houses in- of these characters. Lolth sees these characters Evil in the extreme. They are cruel, corrupt, volved , brought those two houses into con- as a potential threat to her own plans, and so is and contemptuous of lesserraces. All oth- flict with the other noble houses of the vault.

If Eclavdras ers exist to serve them in attaining their partic- The other six houses felt that Eilserv and agents slay the characters, they will be out of ular goal, primarily, and secondarily, the goals Tormtor were acting in an unseemly fashion position when she begins her operation.

If the of the drow as a people. They have seen the and appealed to the clerical followersof Lolth. PCs defeat the agents, Lolth will arrange to benefits of banding together, and will not be- The priests attempted to bring Eilserv and its send the players after Eclavdras giant allies, so tray their people for a handful of coins, ally back into line, but the houses led by as to weaken Eilserv and Tormtor and reward though they agree to help if it help advances Eilservs ruler Eclavdra pulled away from the the loyal houses of Erilhei-Cinlu.

If the play- their own schemes. Afterward, of course, their worship of Lolth entirely, instead offering ers characters defeat Eclavdra and discover the non-drow allies may be fed to the spiders their veneration to a nameless Elder Elemental demoness own hand in the matter, Lolth re- while they laugh and applaud. Drow are al- God, and encouraging his worship among wards the characters by permitting them to ways looking for their angle, and how they their servants in the surface world.

The other nobles are as yet unwilling source, a cats-paw to be used against a rival to strike against the rebel houses in the open, without risking their own hides.

Neither side but an uneasy peace exists. Both factions considers the player characters to be a true maintain an uneasy truce in the subterranean threat to their plans, and this may result in the city of Erelhei-Cinlu, but each side is watch- overturn of all their schemes. The Merchant clans continue their trade in the underground depths, each The Factions of Erelhei-Cinlu relying on a noble house for protection.

Only The following information is an overview of the existence of the fighting societiesprevents the drow society for theJudge. In general, the open warfare. It is given above. The damage done varies with those in the first two books of this series-The recommended that you spread this misfortune size. Small objects flowerpots, bricks inflict Temple ofElemen tal Evil TI -4 , and Scourge around, however, so that one player does not points of damage, medium-sized large of the Slave Lords AI If your players have feel consistently picked on.

Naturally, venture with the next chapter. Indeed, the In this chapter, the player characters suspect whole thing looks accidental. And of course, Some minor crucial moment when money is that the slave lords, whom they destroyed, it is not. The characters are the target of savage attacks and mysterious accidents. Some clever thief has cleaned out the Rent Problems Strange, yet vaguely familiar men shadow purse, leaving a small token of his apprecia- When the characters arrive back at their them.

In time, it becomes clear that someone is acting against the player characters. Just tion. If the other charactersfind this amusing, rooms, they find all their goods piled near the who and why is what the characters must let them make the same discovery when they front door of the building.

Their rooms are oc- learn. Obviously, characters cupied by strangers who naturally dislike Ideally, this chapter should occur several who have intelligently protected their funds people bursting in on them. The landlord weeks or months after the PCs defeated the with magical protections such as magic has rented the room to someone else. He can slave lords. It is best if the characters consider mouth discover the thief in the attempt.

He offer many reasons-he has heard of a charac- these foes as past history, simply another he- is a lowly cutpurse who immediately surren- ters bad credit rating, the new tenant is an roic event in their lives.

If possible, subtly en- ders and pleads for mercy. He does not impli- important official, a member of his wifes cate anyone else, although it was suggested he family, or has simply paid an exorbitant courage this attitude by questioning them on what their next adventure will be and congrat- rob the characters by the head of his local amount for the room.

Whatever the case, the guild. For best effect, you want the coming events to back.


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