Google go in, get in She opened the door of the car and got in. I waited outside the house. Nisam ulazio. Get on this bus! Popni se na ovaj autobus! Does he know where to get off the train?

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You are on page 1of 12 Search inside document Definicija Frazalni glagoli su posebna grupa glagola koji se sastoje od dva, ponekad i tri, elementa. Frazalni glagoli se sastoje od glagola i predloga ili priloga: come in, sit down, take off. Postoji veliki broj ovih glagola u engleskom jeziku. Neki prilozi koji se koriste u frazalnim glagolima: about, along, around, away, back, behind, by, down, forward, in, off, on, out, over, round, through, up Znaenje frazalnih glagola Neke frazalne glagole je lako razumeti.

Tom asked Melanie to come in. The man in front turned round and stared at me. Njihovo znaenje je jasno ukoliko znamo znaenje rei od kojih su sastavljeni: come, in, turn, round. Red rei Kad frazalni glagol ima objekat, onda objekat moe da ide ispred ili iza priloga. OR Melanie took off her coat. I wrote the number down. OR I wrote down the number. Who let the cat out? OR Who let out the cat? Ako je objekat dui, ide iza priloga. The gang have carried out a number of bank raids in the last few months.

Zamenica e. Melanie felt hot in her coat, so she took it off. NOT She took off it. There have been a number of raids. The police know who carried them out. You have to fill in your name and address. How did you get on in the test? I usually get up late on Sundays. Hurry up. You have to plug the machine in first. We were too tired to wash up after the meal. Sarah woke up suddenly in the night. The computer will print out the details. The consultants put forward a proposal to reorganize the company.

Can I ring you back in half an hour? David decided to get up onto the roof. It was nice to go out into the fresh air. We look out over the sea. Everyone looked up at the aeroplane. Vicky ran away from the fire. Frazalni glagoli od 3 elementa imaju posebno znaenje koje se ne moe naslutiti iz individualnih rei. I have to cut down on puddings.


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