The secret of number five The secret of number five is connected to the image of the five-petal rose, the Mystic Rose, symbol of the female genitals. For the ancients, the planet Venus was the morning star, star that has been associated with Lucifer, the "Light Bearer". Given that Venus rules over the zodiacal sign of the Taurus, they considered it as the mark of Lucifer. The symbol of this sign portrays the union between the Sun and the Moon, union that shows up with the generation of the son, that is Lucifer. In fact, the seal of the Sun is a magic square in which some numbers appear inside some boxes, in such a placing that each line, vertical, transversal and diagonal, when added, gives the same amount.

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He must not be identified with the mystifier Giuseppe Balsamo , the palermitano recruited by the Jesuits to personify and to throw the disrepute on the true Count of Cagliostro. Alexander of Cagliostro was initiated to the secrets of the Egyptian Freemasonry by the mysterious Master Altothas in , year of the foundation of the Illuminati Order.

And few know that the summit of the Illuminati Order was constituted by six members: four were known Weishaupt, von Knigge, Goethe, Herder and two were secrets Franklin and Cagliostro. In effects a secret connection existed between the Illuminati Order of Weishaupt and the Egyptian Freemasonry of Cagliostro that was officially founded in , year of the suppression of the Illuminati Order.

They made it official in Paris in The Rite was composed of 90 degrees, taken from the Scottish freemasonry, from Martinism and other Masonic currents, and the last four degrees received the name of "Arcana Arcanorum. The Rite, for J. The Constitutions of the Rite said: " The Rite taught the first men to pay homage to the divinity The Rite of Memphis reached the 92 and 95 degrees.

The Rite reached the 97 degrees. In , T. Reuss passed to Eternal East and the succession was interrupted, except in the O. Ordo Templi Orientis , the neotemplar order founded by Reuss, in , in Germany.

In reality, the O. In , Chevillon was murdered by the French collaborationists of nazional-socialism and was followed by Dupont. And, in , Ambelain succeeded Dupont. But the activity of the Rite in Italy and in the Grand Lodge of Italy was anecdotal in the seventies. Frank G. Ripel, being Grand Master of the O.

Italian language: Galbix Red. Russian language: Vladimir Kuznetsov. English language: Luke Bubeck. In the Eighties the unfounded P2 scandal busted.

Subsequently, the Venerable Master was acquitted of the accusations that were brought against him. In Commendatore Licio Gelli, for his activity in poetry and writing, proposed candidates from 59 structures - academies, university, Italians and foreigners cultural associations for the Nobel Prize for the Literature. Official Statement of Frank G. International Masonic Union represented one of the three external manifestations the Masonic Nation, the U. On December 12th I was invited by various Masonic powers join to M.

The grade represents the summit of the Masonic Pyramid. It was conceived in Bruxelles, in , at the congress of FU. On May 6th , I did not stay more to do than delegitimize the U. U degree it had no value.

Bull of the Gran Hierophante Frank G. Ripel Expulsion from the M.


Frank G. Ripel's books

Bio-bibliographic note of Frank G. Frank G. Brotherhood of the Vampires. Today, March 20, , Tao-chi and Energy have completed their life cycle. Also give notice of the foundation of the Brotherhood of the Gods. These are the five initiatic institutions incorporated in the system known as "The Way of the Diamond". Brotherhood of the Vampires Brotherhood of the Gods.


Associazione Orion


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