Standalone integration using Android Studio Standalone integration using Android Studio Introduction In the following we will guide you through creating a simple Android application integrating Sygic navigation engine with a standalone integration Sygic runs on a separate screen in the fullscreen mode. In this example we will develop a simple application, where you can type in an address string and through a custom button you can start navigation to that address. Prepare your working environment For being able to compile your application you need to have Android Studio on your computer. As the key point you need to obtain Sygic remote aar library. You may retrieve it from the demo or relase Android package or contact your sales representative. To get the demo please contact us.

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Adapt project build. Define navigation UI framework The following code is the typical framework to pick when starting to write an application using Sygic Window in Window mode. The function initUI instantiates Sygic navigation fragment and passes it into Fragment manager. For convenience SygicLib provides the function PermissionsUtils. Add Sygic navigation callback class The implementation of the callback class is neccessary if we want to react on some navigation events.

The basic implementation defines the constructor, through which the main activity reference is passed. And interestingly we need to fill the mandatory onEvent method, through which various events are coming from navigation and can be processed as desired. The example here shows the navigation exit event is captured, on which we close the whole application.

IApiCallback; import com. Add navigation operation through API call We will call the navigation function from the button click on our designed button through its OnClick method. Here we use the API call using the thread mechanics. Thus the whole functionality can be defined by extending the initUI function as follows.

It means that an unexpected crash can occur in case an API call is used immediately at the start, e. Navigation resources Finally we also need to copy Sygic Navigation resources into device file system, i. The resources need to be copied into SygicLib folder on the device. Since the Sygic version Attention it is important that the resources are aligned with the library version.

Therefore it is strongly recommended that for an application development the resources and library are taken from the same release package. Build and deploy application Building the application is simple as clicking on Run button in Android Studio.

The result of the build process is generation of MyApp. Running the application should yield the following outcome. Full sample reference package com. Dialog; import android. Intent; import android. PackageManager; import android. NonNull; import android. AppCompatActivity; import android.

Bundle; import android. View; import android. Button; import android. EditText; import android. Toast; import com. ApiNavigation; import com. PermissionsUtils; import com. Activity; import android. Log; import android.


Embedded integration using Android Studio

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Standalone integration using Android Studio



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