We have to set up and team down every Sunday so these subs get moved around and in and out of storage. They really provide the energy and bottom end needed for the kick, bass and left hand piano to sound full and strong. After two years, no problems. Great product at a great price point. I got 15" heavy enough 42kg aprox. Sounded clean for the price its pretty good look forward trying it live over Xmas.

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There are so many different configurations and styles that are offered in the EUROLIVE speaker range making it easy to find something for every type of performance condition you could think of. There are wood or molded style cabinets and active or passive models to choose from. This watt system is the loudest and most powerful system that we have ever tested on DJbooth.

Watch the video after the jump. There are different shapes and sizes to choose from ensuring there is something here for everyone.

Behringer is known for making equipment for the budget-minded user but their latest equipment has also exhibited a higher level of quality which also carries over to the EUROLIVE speaker lineup.

For the purposes of this review, we will take a closer look at the new Behringer BD-PRO inch powered subwoofer system which is also available in an inch version. As a perfect match for the subwoofer, we recommend the Behringer BD inch two-way powered speakers that we also reviewed here. The power remained smooth and steady for our 2. The subwoofer system delivers excellent low range frequency coverage Hz for very deep and punchy bass with superb response. This was our best performing and loudest subwoofer system that we have tested to date!

There is a High Cut Frequency Control knob that will adjust how high or how low the frequency of the subwoofer will operate. The XLR outputs operate as an internal electronic crossover already on-board to send only the higher frequencies back out to the Mid and high range speakers. There is also an overall output Level knob and a Phase switch that reverses the output to compensate for frequency cancellation.

The feet on the bottom will fit perfectly into the molds found on the top. The first is that there are only XLR type connections for all inputs and outputs.

It would be nice to get quarter-inch combination connections or some other type of connection for added versatility. The second issue is that the speaker weighs about lbs and it would be pretty heavy to try to move it before and after every single gig or performance if you are transporting the system often.

This true watt system delivers some excellent power and ultra low bass response. The Behringer BD-PRO has more than enough power for almost any small to medium sized club, bar, or Mobile DJ application and the price per performance is probably best in its class. Due to its stackable form-factor, a user could easily purchase four of these and run them together for bigger events.

This Behringer subwoofer system was very reliable and I would easily trust this setup for my personal gigs and events.


Behringer Eurolive B1800D-PRO Quick Manual



Behringer VQ1500D


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