Судя по маркировке 5W50, она может применяться в температурном диапазоне от минус 35 до плюс 50 градусов Цельсия. Преимущества и недостатки Вот какими существенными достоинствами может похвастаться этот смазочный материал: легкий пуск мотора в морозы; защита и стабильность даже при очень высоких температурах; защита двигателя в экстремальных климатических условиях; уменьшение износов в системе газораспределения; устойчивость к окислению; стабильность вязкости вне зависимости от условий эксплуатации; продление ресурса двигателя. Как утверждают отзывы большинства автомобилистов, при правильной эксплуатации и исправном автомобиле недостатков обнаружиться не должно. Видео Отзывы Сергей, 47 лет Долго не мог подобрать свое идеальное масло.

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W takich przypadkach stosuje odskocznie, i stosuje oleje syntetyczne ale innego producenta There are cases and situations that require the use of this type of oil. At the beginning, however, I note that I am not in favor of using oils other than those recommended by the manufacturer. The exception is two manufacturers who recommend at the start as recommended oils - reference, the use of semi-synthetic oils instead of synthetic.

In such cases, he uses stepping stones, and uses synthetic oils but from another manufacturer Returning to the topic It is an oil with very high viscosity at high temperatures.

Silnik spala olej lub inaczej silnik bierze olej. Po co? Spokojnie jest jeszcze jedna deska ratunku Piotr Tester What are the pros of this type of oil? Undoubtedly, they perfectly protect our engine at high temperatures. What are the disadvantages? Not the lowest price, and increasing combustion. The engine is simply heavier - it must overcome the greater forces imposed by oil. Is oil what resistance?

I mainly mean the thickness of the film, which is thicker in such oil. And what does "oil film thickness" mean? In 5W30 oil, say, these balls will have a certain small thickness, while in 5W50 oil, these balls will be much thicker and larger. And it will be harder to shift them to logic. In what situations should I use 5W50 oils? The engine burns oil or the engine takes oil. To further stop its burning, you can go to 5W Nothing will happen to the engine, but a return to 5W40 will not be recommended, because it will lead to even more oil burning.

Tuning or chipped car If our car has a chip installed, it is subjected to technical tuning consisting in increasing the power, we can go to 5W50, in order to provide better protection at high temperatures. Gas or gas installation If our car is equipped with a gas installation, we can also be tempted to use oil with increased viscosity. For what? The oil not only lubricates our engine, but also ensures adequate engine cooling.

Is the engine not cooled by the radiator? Similarly, better lubrication means lower temperatures. As of course, probably everyone knows, the use of gas installations is associated with an increase in the combustion temperature of our engine, sometimes it also manifests itself in overheating of a gas-powered engine.

Kolekot or silence our engine People with sensitive hearing who are disturbed by the clatter of the engine, despite the use of 5W40 oil, can try to silence it with 5W50 oil. Why is 5W50 oil better muted than my super expensive 5W40 oil? I switched to 5W50 and my engine keeps patting There is one more lifeline A damaged engine will not mute, even the thickest oil. If 5W50 fails, you can reach for mega thick 5W60 synthetic oil at high temperatures.

But such oil is hardly available and extremely expensive Large engine capacities V12, V10, V8 engines are really big toys - especially V The work culture of these engines makes most people delight.


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