Biography[ edit ] Matute was born on 26 July Matute says that she was profoundly influenced by the villagers whom she met during her time there. Settings reminiscent of that town are also often used as settings for her other work. She considered not only "the battles between the two factions, but also the internal aggression within each side". Since Matute matured as a writer in this posguerra period under the dictatorship, some of the most recurrent themes in her works are violence , alienation , misery, and especially the loss of innocence.

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It was noon when he came down to coffee. The door leading to the road was closed. Apparently his uncle did not intend to serve customers. Ruti served the coffee. Then he went back to the beach. The moored boat swung slowly. Around two came to warn him. Tomeu had shot himself in the path to Tura. He must do so when it came out early in the morning. Ruti appeared very despondent. He was pale and seemed more myopic than ever. He seemed happy. Seeing the name on the envelope, he tore it, pale and with a trembling hand.

This letter must have been sent by his uncle before killing himself, while leaving his room. After your recognition consulted a doctor and I was completely convinced. I do not know how long they have lived with my health still enviable, because these things, as you say well, not that it never fully know.

You knew that if I felt condemned, not expect the dead in bed, and do what I did, nevertheless, and, finally, I would inherit. Tired, and perhaps what is called repentance.

For God did not take this into account - you know, Ruti, I am true believer in spite of so much - I leave my money to the children of the Asylum. La fachada principal daba a la carretera y la posterior a la playa. Tomeu el Viejo estaba sentado en el quicio de la puerta. Entre las manos acariciaba lentamente una petaca de cuero negro, muy gastada. Ruti era un hombre joven, delgado, y con gafas. Vamos: quiero decir, no es infalible. Ya me conoces, dilo. Tengo mucho dinero. No siempre las cosas son como parecen.

Acaso quiere hablarme de sus historias de contrabando. Vamos a tomar una copa juntos. No, no lo es. Miraba al suelo otra vez, indeciso. Se lo ruego. Ruti, en cambio, serio y preocupado.

Ruti daba paseos en barca, bordeando la costa. Su miranda azul, pensativa, vagaba por el ancho cielo. El muchacho estaba despierto. No te impacientes. La puerta que daba a la carretera estaba cerrada.

La barca amarrada se balanceaba lentamente. A eso de las dos vinieron a avisarle. Cansado, y, tal vez, eso que se llama arrepentido. The main facade facing the road and back to the beach. The door that opened onto the beach was covered by a curtain of canes, swaying in the breeze. Each pulse sounded a tiny crack, like a little rattle of bones. Tomeu the Elder was sitting in the doorway.

In the hands slowly stroking a black leather case, very worn. Looked beyond the sand into the bay. You could hear the engine noise of a barge and the backlash of the waves against the rocks. An old boat, covered by a tarp, rocking gently, moored to the beach. His words were slow and seemed to fall before him, like stones. He looked and looked at Ruti. Ruti was a young man, thin and bespectacled. He had blue eyes, innocent, behind the glass. And looked down. Tomeu dug into the bottom of the pouch with your fingers wide and dark.

He crushed a blade of snuff between the fingertips and again spoke, facing the sea: "How long you give me? You know me, say it. It seemed that his lip trembled. Thank you, you know? Yes, thank you very much. I have more money than people figure: see, a poor man, a former fisherman, owner of a greasy spoon on the way But I have money, Ruti.

I have a lot of money. The pink color of his cheeks intensified: "But, man Why are you telling me this! Do you know? Things are not always as they seem. Perhaps you want to tell me about their stories of smuggling. Does he not know anything? Figure is perhaps not everyone knows what? Tomeu Old! Enough known in certain circles! How could I pay my the race is not the case? Ruti smiled wistfully.

He put a hand on his shoulder: "Please, man Do not talk about this. No, please Yes: it is easy mistakes. You never know The warm breeze stirred the gray strands: "Come in, Ruti. The cafe was empty at that hour. Two flies were pursued with great buzz. Tomeu went behind the counter and filled two glasses of brandy. He offered one: "Drink, son. Ruti blinked and took a sip. Ruti stared at him.

No, it is not. He drank his glass in one gulp and wiped his mouth with the back of the hand. I looked down again, undecided. I do not like to divert the look when I speak. And you know why? Ruti was silent. You have been able to recognize me, hear my complaints, my pains, my fears And tell me, at last, perhaps a month or two.

Please do. Do not talk like that Forget it. Yes, Ruti: you do not know how much good I have done. Ruti cup squeezed between the fingers and then drained it, also in one gulp.

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En el universo mágico de Ana María Matute



El arrepentido



El arrepentido, y otras narraciones.


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