The little queen, all golden Flew hissing at the sea. To keep it back, She flew forth bravely. Dragonsong was first published by Atheneum in March Dragonsong and the second Pern book Dragonquest are set at the same time, seven years after the end of the seminal Dragonflight , during the Ninth Pass.

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The little queen, all golden Flew hissing at the sea. To keep it back, She flew forth bravely. Dragonsong was first published by Atheneum in March Dragonsong and the second Pern book Dragonquest are set at the same time, seven years after the end of the seminal Dragonflight , during the Ninth Pass.

Their primary geographical settings: Dragonsong in an isolated sea-hold and Dragonquest at the centers of Pernese society, the weyrs and major holds, especially Benden Weyr.

Near the end of Dragonsong, the protagonist Menolly is rescued by a dragonrider, and the action converges with that of Dragonquest. Plot Summary Spoiler Warning: Next is the text detailing the details of the plot. If you are sure you want to read this, click the button. Despite this, Menolly plays in secret, and leaves her tunes for the new harper to discover. Unknown to her, her mother Mavi is aware of this, and later intervenes, and one day Yanus catches her, beating her with his belt and confiscating her gitar.

Following this, Menolly is sent to gather fresh herbs from the lands surrounding Half-Circle Sea Hold. While out, Menolly witnesses the mating flight of a queen fire lizard , a creature thought mythical, though occasionally reported by the seaholders.

A few days later, Menolly cuts her hand while gutting packtails , and her hand becomes infected. Mavi treats it, but informs Menolly that her hand has been crippled as a result, and she will likely never play music again. On one occasion, she ends up at a cove near the Dragon Stones , a natural rock feature along the coast of Nerat , and witnesses a queen fire lizard flying at the water, rising with the tide.

The queen and several other fire lizards at first fly at Menolly, thinking her a threat to the eggs, but she inadvertently soothes them by singing, and aids in rescuing the eggs by carrying them to a cave, before returning home. Around this time, Elgion begins asking Yanus who taught the children in his stead, as he believes they would make a good harper, but Yanus lies and says it was a fosterling from another hold.

At a dinner, Elgion calls every member of Half-Circle Sea Hold to sing, but Mavi forbids Menolly from singing any louder than the women of the hold normally sing. In anger, Menolly leaves the hall, and sneaks out early the following morning to return to the cove. Halfway to the cove, Thread begins falling, and Menolly is forced to shelter in the fire-lizard cave, where the eggs are hatching.

The hatchlings are hungry, and attempt to leave the cave as Thread falls over it. In an attempt to prevent their deaths, Menolly begins feeding the hatchlings with the food she has with her.

As Threadfall ends, the queen fire-lizard guides the others out, and Menolly decides to remain in the cave. Elgion talks with her parents, and they conclude she is probably hiding in a cave along the Nerat coast, as she knows the area well.

Two days after the Threadfall Menolly has not returned, and it is ultimately decided not to look for her. Instead of returning to Half-Circle Sea Hold, she decides to remain in the cave, emerging only to get supplies for herself and the fire-lizards. The conversation turns to Menolly, and Elgion soon realises that she was the teacher. Alemi tells him that Yanus thought Menolly acting as a harper was disgraceful, and also adds that he feels Menolly is better off away from the hold.

At the cave, Menolly is woken by the feelings of hunger from her fire-lizards, and heads out to find food. When Menolly wakes, she tells her fire-lizards to hide, and later requests from Manora that nobody tell her family she is here.

Menolly is later cared for by Mirrim , a child her age who lives at Benden Weyr, and the two become friends. To remedy this, they are controversially planning to place her as a candidate in the next Hatching. Lessa plans to hand these eggs out to the Lord Holders and Craftmasters who attend the Hatching. Lessa states Menolly belongs in Benden Weyr as a result of her fire lizards and Menolly becomes overwhelmed to the point of tears by how nice everyone is being to her.

The next morning, Menolly helps the inhabitants of the Weyr prepare for the Hatching festivities. Following the Hatching, Menolly meets a harper who carries her to the Dining Caverns when he sees she is having trouble walking. In the Dining Caverns, it is revealed that the man is no less than Masterharper Robinton, but he leaves before Menolly can talk with him.

Much later in the evening, Menolly is waiting for Robinton to return for his fire lizard egg. Oharan approaches her and asks her to sing with him, which she does. He then switches to one of her songs, and Robinton enters and asks she play for him, before inviting her to come back with him to the Harper Hall and become a harper.


The Dragonsong Trilogy: Box Set

Sep 19, Theresa rated it it was amazing. Clearly young girls are the target audience for Dragonsong. Can anyone tell me what role music played in the daily life of pern? In Dragonsong we follow the adventures of Menolly the youngest daughter in a sea hold where everyone works brutally hard and which has no appreciation for music. The Game of Thrones helped redeem adult fantasy for me and Dragonsong has totally redeemed my love of ya fantasy.





Dragonsong Trilogy





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