Kiyomi straightened as she released the doorknob, then faced Marcus. Her pulse skipped, then quickened. What a view. He was sitting up in bed, naked from the waist up, his dark eyes searing her where she stood.

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Bryn McAllister survives a bombing at the U. Embassy in Beirut only to be left to die in a desert cellar. But just when she thinks the nightmare is over, she and McCabe are recruited to help track down the terrorist mastermind responsible for the attack. With Bryn determined to see the terrorist brought to justice, Dec joins up to protect her, prepared to do whatever it takes to keep her safe during their hazardous mission.

Battling the explosive attraction between them, Dec fights to keep his distance from her so he can do his job and keep her alive. And when everything go sideways and Bryn is captured, he must make the agonizing choice between his duty as a SEAL and the life of the woman he loves. Instantly Dec grabbed her and pushed her into a darkened doorway, shoved his gun in his waistband and lifted her leg to wrap it around his hip.

She gasped, grabbing his leather jacket to steady herself, staring up into his shadowed eyes. What was he doing? They waited, listening, their bodies pressed so closely together she could feel his chest move as he breathed. His body heat warmed her, his fresh scent enveloping her. A minute ticked by. She quivered against him, part fear, part arousal, and his body responded. She held her breath and stared into his face, their gazes locking. A muted voice floated through the darkness.

Did you seen her running this way? A muttered reply followed, then the footsteps resumed. Closer with each passing second. What were they going to do? She tightened her fingers on his shoulders. Or rather, because of it. She gasped, and he took advantage by angling his head, sliding his tongue along her lower lip before stealing inside. Her fingers clenched as she arched upward, a moan of confusion escaping as he explored her mouth with skill.

His mouth was so warm, and he was so good her eyelids fluttered down. A thumb swept over her cheekbone. His other hand trailed down her throat and over her shoulder, sparking electricity in its wake. She made a murmur of protest, not understanding how she could be responding to him, under the circumstances.

She shook in his embrace, torn between wanting him and the fear they would be shot dead any second. When his hand slid down over the curve of her breast, she gasped into his mouth, eyes flying wide as those footfalls grew louder and louder while her body trembled under his touch.

Their pursuer was almost on top of them now.


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He was in this state because of her. I love you, you hear me? However, she and her father survive the bombing but both of them end up kidnapped. They are being held hostage in a cellar somewhere in the desert.


Cover of Darkness


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