Zulushakar Please contact your alarm installer if you require More information. The alarm and tamper are placed together in one zone. Alarm Host Introduction Chapter More information. User codes are More information.

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How aritecg operate Personal Attack Access codes Contents Unset system indications — — — — — — — — — — — System indication — — — — — — — aritedh — — — — Access codes — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — How to operate Personal — — — — — — How to unset More information. UL Listed and Classified. This manual contains proprietary information More information. Aritech CD Install Enter the area number where the alarm occurred in this example it is 1. One zone each is required for arltech tamper and the alarm.

Aritech Fire Panel Boards Documents. Manipulation Specification Quick Installation Guide 1. Otherwise the standby message automatically appears. This manual contains proprietary information. Remember to record the fault or alarm in your logbook for future reference.

The greatest care should therefore be taken when installing this cable. When the connection has been established OK appears in the display. Further SLC BV reserve the right to revise this publication andto make changes from time to time in the contents hereof without the obligation of SLC BV to notify any person aritrch any suchrevision.

You can cs this open zone from the system called inhibiting a zone. Beeeep The buzzer on a key switch or keypad emits a long beep. The entire manual should be carefully. When you are in an option list, you can use it to move forward through the list.

We understand More information. A July 2 Contents Introduction A connection can be established in the following ways: Operator Log Detailed list of activation and system operations. The red LED will also illuminate if you disturb an alarm zone during the exit period, and the bells and dialler will be activated. Its a ariitech of old tat, its locked down. You can ask the aritevh to replace it with another message, if you want.

The standby display message will automatically appear after a few seconds. Depending on how the system was programmed, your code may give you access to one or more of the security areas. Please read these instructions carefully. You can no longer control your system from that moment until the time and date reappear in the display. Press the Accept key to confirm you have finished. Yes I know we can pull the NVM and read the binary. Solution Operators Manual Issue 1.

The system may be programmed to communicate with a central monitoring station to report system agitech. If your code lets you access more than one security area, you can select one of them to arm. UL Listed and Classified More information. X This key has several functions.

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Intruder alarm system Operating Instructions. Follow the instructions in the proceeding More information. If you want to exclude zones in the area open zonespress the arrow key. It is used to indicate that the option shown has not been changed or that you want to exit the option list. Press the key 0 and then enter your code. Which message you get depends on which one the installer programmed.


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