Com a desempenadeira de no mximo 3x3x3 retangular , aplique o Silicone Transparente Neutro formando cordes sobre a superfcie transparente. Espalhe o silicone dos cordes usando o lado liso da desempenadeira, aumentando a rea de contato. Com a desempenadeira, pressione a placa de pastilhas sobre o silicone para obter um maior contato e adeso. Aguarde tempo suficiente para cura inicial 1 hora a 2 horas, dependendo das condies climticas. Com a desempenadeira, pressione a placa de pastilhas sobre o Silicone Transparente Neutro para obter um maior contato e adeso.

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This method is well suited to surfaces that have a three-dimensional quality, such as vases. This was used for the historic European wall and ceiling mosaics, following underdrawings of the main outlines on the wall below, which are often revealed again when the mosaic falls away.

The direct method suits small projects that are transportable. Another advantage of the direct method is that the resulting mosaic is progressively visible, allowing for any adjustments to tile color or placement. The disadvantage of the direct method is that the artist must work directly at the chosen surface, which is often not practical for long periods of time, especially for large-scale projects.

Also, it is difficult to control the evenness of the finished surface. This is of particular importance when creating a functional surface such as a floor or a table top. A modern version of the direct method, sometimes called "double direct," is to work directly onto fiberglass mesh. The mosaic can then be constructed with the design visible on the surface and transported to its final location.

Large work can be done in this way, with the mosaic being cut up for shipping and then reassembled for installation. It enables the artist to work in comfort in a studio rather than at the site of installation. Indirect method The indirect method of applying tesserae is often used for very large projects, projects with repetitive elements or for areas needing site specific shapes.

Tiles are applied face-down to a backing paper using an adhesive, and later transferred onto walls, floors or craft projects. This method is most useful for extremely large projects as it gives the maker time to rework areas, allows the cementing of the tiles to the backing panel to be carried out quickly in one operation and helps ensure that the front surfaces of the mosaic tiles and mosaic pieces are flat and in the same plane on the front, even when using tiles and pieces of differing thicknesses.

Mosaic murals, benches and tabletops are some of the items usually made using the indirect method, as it results in a smoother and more even surface. The tesserae are placed face-up on a medium often adhesive-backed paper, sticky plastic or soft lime or putty as it will appear when installed. When the mosaic is complete, a similar medium is placed atop it. The piece is then turned over, the original underlying material is carefully removed, and the piece is installed as in the indirect method described above.

In comparison to the indirect method, this is a complex system to use and requires great skill on the part of the operator, to avoid damaging the work. Its greatest advantage lies in the possibility of the operator directly controlling the final result of the work, which is important e. This method was created in by Maurizio Placuzzi and registered for industrial use patent n. Le tessere sono poste al positivo su un supporto spesso carta o plastica adesiva sul retro a faccia in su, come appariranno quando saranno installate definitivamente, a differenza degli altri sistemi in cui il disegno musivo viene creato al negativo.


Sicis Catalogo

Eliane Sicis, design aprovado pelo mundo todo! The artistic mosaics of the Eliane Sicis collection are differentiated by their high quality and rare design, both traditional and contemporary at the same time. The Eliane Sicis products can be found in exclusive showrooms of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, including Paris, Milan, New York, Dubai, Shanghai and Moscow. Sicis Eliane, design aprooved for all the world! Eliane Sicis, design aprobado por todo el mundo! Eliane Sicis brings a line of glass mosaics which are a global innovation in decoration and covering sector.


Da Sicis Italy verso tutto il mondo


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