Nele encontramos uma conversa entre Iso Mataemon, o fundador do Tenjin Shinyoryu, e Terasaki, um de seus pupilos. Desta maneira, ele refletiu que o jujitsu deveria ser praticado. Desta maneira ele criou a sua escola Yoshinryu. Essa escola foi originada por Terada Kanemon. Kushinryu foi originado de Inugami Nagakatsu. Entre aqueles que foram famosos nesta escola, podemos mencionar Ishino, Tsukamato e Eguchi.

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The Martial Art of Distance Practiced worldwide by the Bujinkan Dojos of Soke Masaaki Hatsumi Budo Taijutsu is a practical natural real fighting and philosophical martial arts system deeply founded in the lore of the mystic warriors of feudal Japan, both the Samurai and the Ninja.

In the Bujinkan dojos we practice techniques, wazas, principles and philosophies of 9 different Japanese martial art schools, known as Ryu in Japanese.

We train both unarmed and armed both ancient, exotic and modern. We train in true proven ancient budo methods and we train in modern applications that have been used by Special Forces, FBI, DEA and police forces worldwide. This is amazing and proves that the art is effective no matter what your age is.

We love the arts and our only intent is to give every person no matter where they live the opportunity to learn and study what we also love. We are truly grateful to all our friends and fellow Bujinkan instructors that have helped contribute to this success in anyway both direct and indirectly. We continue to champion the opportunity for the arts to be able to be studied by anyone no matter where they live and if their is a teacher nearby or not.

About Richard. Bujinkan Shihan Richard Van Donk was one of the first foreign students of Soke Hatsumi to ever pass the 5th dan test in Japan becoming a full licensed teacher of the arts, a Shidoshi. That was in early Since then Shihan Richard Van Donk has done his best, at great personal expense, to provide the opportunity to study this great art to the general public by creating a entire university of study materials to take you from beginner to master level. Let me clarify that for you.

Shihan Richard received his 9th dan in Ninpo Taijutsu highest rank possible in that art before beginning his Budo Taijutsu training.

Most students that join us really want Ninjutsu. These fundamentals are imperative in our opinion or your Budo Taijutsu will be very weak in a realistic combat situation. Hundreds of techniques and principles are learned in the Shodan Ninjutsu BlackBelt Course , which was designed to work as a study both in or out of the dojo. Of course you study all the pieces of Budo Taijutsu while learning Ninjutsu from us. In our Budo Taijutsu Course you will learn the master principles of the art so you can apply things like: staying safe by positioning, posture power, footwork, taijutsu integration, art of distancing, timing, angling, control without grabbing, determining space, any technique with any weapon, finger locks, striking kyusho points, unattached commitment, mastering the kukan, running energy, etc..


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The approach used in the Bujinkan includes gaining compliance through pain and utilising potentially damaging techniques in order to survive dangerous situations rather than focusing on winning a competition or evenly matched duel. Also of note is that, unlike competition martial arts, Bujinkan training does not involve testing techniques locks, throws, chokes, strikes, etc. This being the case, Bujinkan as a means of self defence is a purely theoretical concept. They are needed to progress into other techniques such as unarmed combat and the use of tools and weapons. Once learned, Taijutsu techniques can be applied to any situation, armed or unarmed.


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Contatos: sakuradojo hotmail. Quem teme perder j est vencido. Somente se aproxima da perfeio quem a procura com constncia, sabedoria e, sobretudo, humildade. Quando verificares, com tristeza, que nada sabes, ters feito teu primeiro progresso no aprendizado. Nunca te orgulhes de haver vencido um adversrio.


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