Fans of characters like Rose Hathaway and Sydney Sage will flock to thisimpressive stand-alone novel. Your brushstrokes are off, I sign to her. Zhang Jing steps back from her canvas. Surprise lights her features for only a moment before despair sets in. I make a small gesture, urging her to hand me her brush and paints. She hesitates and glances around the workroom to make sure none of our peers is watching.

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Dreams and Desires is a charity anthology, with the proceeds going to battered women shelters. And what if this date is the nicest surprise of your life? Divorced from an abusive husband, she is taking the first tentative step in her new life by participating in a singing contest.

Can she escape her past insecurities? And can a handsome man listening to her song help? All she needs now is to discover the identity of the man behind the velvet mask. Can she find love without magic or traveling to the astral plane? Taking the Alleys - Susan Lyons: An unexpected visit is hampered by feelings of insecurity. Is love blossoming or not? Brushstrokes - Richelle Mead: A lush and sensual tale.

Bianca Rinaldi is a succubus in the Italian Renaissance. Baring It All For Mr. Will tearing her shorts climbing over his fence damage her chances with the new neighbor? Blood and Feathers - Emily Veinglory: An angel, a vampire, sizzling gay sex. This story pushes all the envelopes! The Mirror - Sasha White: Sasha White delivers as always, with this sassy, sexy story of a woman stranded in a small town.

The Reluctant Bridesmaid - Lois Winston: A great little story of betrayal, friendship and sweet revenge. Will he find a way to turn the day into something good this year? I can say in all honesty, I liked something in each of these nineteen stories--from the most sizzling to the sweetest, from futuristic to contemporary.

In addition, Dreams and Desires is a charity anthology, with the proceeds going to battered women shelters. External Links.

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Richelle Mead

Mijinn Even my calligraphy brushdtrokes touching canvas creates an effect, just barely perceptible. They kick up dust as they fall down to depths we cannot see. Elder Brushsyrokes is very still as he takes in my illustration, his expression unreadable. But you were grateful back there. The miners already get less food than we do, and they had their rations cut while not working. Zhang Jing sleeps peacefully in the bed beside mine, and beyond her, the other girls are asleep as well. Richelle Mead They transform into chrysanthemums, and the richness of their petals is intoxicating, making me run my fingers through them.







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