EJEMPLO: -En el caso de Mabel, demuestra que pertenece a la clase alta cuando describe su dormitorio, la vestimenta de su ropero, le gustaba su trabajo maestra y cuando menciona a la cocinera o a la mucama. El que escribe es Juan Carlos y la que recibe destinatario es Mabel. Un hecho es despreciado moralmente si se coloca a la mujer como protagonista, pero es aceptado en el caso de un hombre. El principio fundamental es el de desigualdad ante la moral del pueblo. Ambos guardaron el secreto: Pancho era el padre del hijo que Raba esperaba. Ella celaba a todas las novias de su hermano, y no estaba de acuerdo con las relaciones amorosas que entablaba.

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Since there was no high school in General Villegas, his parents sent him to Buenos Aires in This is when he began to read systematically, beginning with a collection of texts by Nobel Prize winners. A classmate named Horacio, in whose home Puig rented accommodation when he first moved to Buenos Aires introduced him to readings from the school of psychoanalysis.

Horacio also introduced Puig to European cinema. He was advised to study engineering in order to specialize in sound-on-film but did not consider this to be the right choice. In , he enrolled in the University of Buenos Aires Faculty of Architecture but only took classes for six months.

In , Puig switched to the School of Philosophy. He was a diligent student, although he struggled with subjects such as Latin. When he graduated, he was already working in film as a film archivist and editor in the city of Buenos Aires and later, in Italy after winning a scholarship from the Italian Institute of Buenos Aires. However, the world of Hollywood and the stars that had captivated him during his childhood now disappointed him; the exceptions were Marilyn Monroe and Gloria Swanson.

Navarro sent him to another actress of the cast, Herminia Franco, who got him in. Shortly after, he began to work in Alex laboratories. In , Puig did his obligatory military service in the area of Aeronautics , working as a translator. He also made much use of popular culture for example, soap opera in his works. In Latin American literary histories, he is presented as a writer who belongs to the Postboom and Post-modernist schools. Death[ edit ] Puig lived in exile throughout most of his life.

He also made sure to receive his care in a clinic near his house so he would not be far away from his mother, but for economic reasons and availability of contacts, he had access to higher quality medical attention. In the official biography, Manuel Puig and the Spider Woman: His Life and Fiction, his close friend Suzanne Jill Levine writes that Puig had been in pain for a few days prior to being admitted to a hospital, where he was told what needed to be done.

An emergency procedure was performed on his inflamed gallbladder , which was removed. While Puig was recovering after the surgery, he began to have respiratory problems; his lungs had filled with fluid, and he was becoming delirious. The medical team was unable to help Puig and they had to secure him to the bed. Although he had a background of cardiac issues, the first public assumption was that he had died from AIDS.

Nevertheless, the public had already contested that fact several times. When Jorge Abelardo Ramos, the Argentine ambassador of Mexico was asked to speak to the media about the death of Manuel Puig, he responded by saying that he was not aware of the death of an Argentine with that name.


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