Edit Clan Wolf was founded in by Jerome Winson, brother-in-law to the Founder of all the clans, Nicholas Kerensky , who also became a member of this clan. The chosen Clan of Kerensky, the Wolves have been a dominant force in the Clans since their beginning. Kerensky named the clan after the Strana Mechty wolf , the creature he saw as the ultimate warrior. This was not the last of the blessings the Founder gave to this clan - he became their leader, and bequeathed the cherished Kerensky bloodname and genetic lineage to them.

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Edit Clan Wolf was founded in by Jerome Winson, brother-in-law to the Founder of all the clans, Nicholas Kerensky , who also became a member of this clan. The chosen Clan of Kerensky, the Wolves have been a dominant force in the Clans since their beginning.

Kerensky named the clan after the Strana Mechty wolf , the creature he saw as the ultimate warrior. This was not the last of the blessings the Founder gave to this clan - he became their leader, and bequeathed the cherished Kerensky bloodname and genetic lineage to them. This greatly shocked and angered Clan Jade Falcon , who initially believed that Kerensky would name their clan as his own. Ever since that day, there has been tension, rivalry and even occasional wars between the two clans.

Clan Wolf proved themselves to be expert warriors: they annihilated Clan Wolverine and absorbed Clan Widowmaker long before their successes in the invasion of the Inner Sphere. In addition, they also perfected the Elemental body armor.

There, Clan Wolf proved the mettle and reliability of its warriors, with only Clan Jade Falcon proving to be as reliable. This move proved fruitful and the planets defences were overcome as planned. Nicholas Kerensky chose Clan Wolf to be the bearers of his genetic legacy due to their performance.

This infuriated many Jade Falcon warriors who thought they performed as well or better than Clan Wolf. Eventually this led to another significant event in Clan history known as "The Culling".

They were actually the force that Nicholas used to impose his will upon the rest of the clans. There are two such events that highlight this: The annihilation of Clan Wolverine and the absorption of Clan Widowmaker. In , she entered into a heated debate with Nicholas about a disputed Brian Cache. According to clan rules and rituals the remaining 19 clans bid in order to win the honour of annihilating Clan Wolverine.

The two clans that made it to the final stages of the bidding were Clan Wolf and Clan Widowmaker. The Wolves did win at the end, but were forced to reduce the number of forces they were going to use greatly. Clan Wolf forces landed on the Wolverine holdings of planet Circe on January 22, After beating back a ferocious Wolverine counterattack on their landing zone, the Wolves fought and defeated them in land, air, and space within two days. When the shattered Clan Wolverine attempted to flee Clan space, a large running space battle began which lasted for another 19 days, in which the Wolves soundly crushed most of the Wolverine remaining touman.

During the next two months, Clan Wolf destroyed all of the Wolverines holdings, demolished their buildings and forcibly sterilized their civilian castes. All sibkos that contained Wolverine genes were terminated. Nevertheless, Wolverine Khan McEvedy managed to narrowly escape Clan space during the running space battle. Of her once strong Clan, all that remained was a single warship, a number of bloodnamed warriors, and several Battlemechs in pristine condition as indicated later from reports About the minessota tribe raids in the inner sphere.

She made a few stops in the Inner Sphere grabbing what supplies she needed and disappeared again in the deep Periphery. These remnants of the Wolverines became known in the Inner Sphere as the mysterious "Minnesota Tribe.

Their merchant caste blamed the military arm of their clan for the loss of several metal ore mines to Clan Wolf. The response of the Widowmaker Khan was brutal: he ordered mass arrests and executions of many of the merchant caste members. This shocked the rest of the clans to their core to such an extent that Khan Jerome Winson of the Wolves proposed that the Widowmakers were unfit to govern.

He passed a motion that was unanimously accepted from the rest of the khans for the absorption of Clan Widowmaker. Clan Wolf won the right to absorb Clan Widowmaker. The battle for the Trial of Absorption took place on the neutral world of Ironhold, which belonged to Clan Jade Falcon. The forces that took part in the battle were 10 Clan Widowmaker stars against 11 Clan Wolf stars.

Because this was the second major incident in clan history, Nicholas Kerensky and the rest of the clan Khans acted as umpires. The battle started savagely but eventually every combatant was reduced to a spectator to the duel that was taking place between Khan Jorgensson and Khan Winson. With clan rules of engagement so clearly violated, Kerensky and the rest of the khans entered the fight to defended Winson.

Harnessing their rage, they virtually annihilated Clan Widowmaker. Only a handful of Widowmaker warriors survived the ferocious onslaught to be absorbed to Clan Wolf, along with Widowmaker genetic legacies and civilian castes. This is the time that clans truly flourished, fully developing their societies. The Wolves had an enclave there since Operation Klondike, to which the holdings of the absorbed Clan Widowmaker were added. Likewise, the Falcons had an enclave there since Operation Klondike and were able to harass the Clan Wolf forces on the planet.

The second act was played on the planet Glory, with both clans claimed parts of the planet simultaneously. They challenged each other constantly and kept each other in check. This prevented full scale colonization from them, and eventually they were forced to dismantle their colonies and look for more profitable ventures. This conflict caused them to lose many resources and they were unable to challenge Clan Wolf when the latter colonized the planets of Paxton and Tiber.

There, Clan Wolf built huge industrial complexes that furthered their martial power and economical well being. The third act was the Omnimech technology, which was developed by Clan Coyote in The Wolves greatly desired the designs, but they did not wish to alienate Clan Coyote who has been their greatest and closest ally. But then things took an unexpected turn: The Jade Falcons challenged and won from Clan Coyote the said technology.

The Coyotes were only too happy to share with the Wolves the information about the Falcon unit that issued the challenge, and the Wolves promptly intercepted the Falcons and won the Omnimech technology from them in a Trial of Possession.

Rise of the Elemental Warrior Edit One of the most serious advances in the way the clans wage war was the development of the Elemental battlesuit and the Elemental soldier. Clan Wolf developed the Elemental battlesuit design from a deep sea mining exoskeleton and fielded the first specimens in The first true test for the suit was when two stars of Elemental instantly engaged and defeated a light star of Nova Cat Omnimechs.

The Hells Horses stake at the trial were the protocols for breeding physically superior infantry the well known Elemental.

The Wolves won two of the battles and the Horses won one. Both clans were very happy about their gains until the Jade Falcons intervened. Other clans gained the battlesuit indirectly or through other means. For example, the Wolves shared everything they had with the Coyotes as an act of appreciation for the role they played when Clan Wolf needed to obtain the Omnimech technology.

Clan Diamond Shark gained the technology in exchange for Harjel and Harjel patching systems technology. Clan Smoke Jaguar attempted to gain the suit via an extensive and lengthy campaign, even though they could have taken it from easier targets such as Clan Coyote. The Jaguars were defeated in every turn of the campaign.

Near the end, the Wolves offered the Jaguars a Trial of Possession they could not refuse: The suit in exchange for resources and a portion of the Jaguar enclave in the planet Tranquil. The odds were heavily in favour of the Smoke Jaguars. The Wolves though used for the first time the Omnimech technology and one of the most venerated designs: The Timberwolf Omnimech. The Jaguars lost and they eventually gained the battlesuit from trials against Clan Diamond Shark.

This is where the first divisions between Crusaders and Wardens started to appear. The clans found that the limited resources of the worlds they colonised were reducing their expansion. Some others felt that this was the proper time to return, conquer and bring a renaissance to the Inner Sphere, which they assumed must have collapsed beyond all redemption by now.

These were the Crusaders. The Wardens, on the other hand, believed that the clans should stay where they are and return only when it is needed to protect the Inner Sphere. Clan Wolf was had both Crusader and Warden within its ranks so it remained neutral in this issue.

Finally, when pressed to take a position, Clan Wolf chose the Warden cause. As the years went by, the Crusader cause attracted more and more clansmen. Dragoon compromise Edit By the year the Crusader cause was gaining increasing support throughout the Clans. The great debate on whether to invade or not has been going on for 20 years. He then argued before the Grand Council that it would be militarily unsound to attack an enemy without having any information on them. It would be better to send a recon force to pose as mercenaries to evaluate the situation in the Inner Sphere.

The motion to invade was defeated temporarily. Clan wolf was selected to send in that force. Using this argument, they forced Clan Wolf to staff the recon unit mostly with freebirth warriors.

Two brothers were chosen to lead this mission: Jaime and Joshua. Back then, Natasha was a troublemaker even among clansmen but she was one of the best Mechwarriors around. She jumped to the chance she was given as a way for her to gain glory. The unit was initially outfitted with whatever ancient equipment Clan Wolf could find in its ranks. Nevertheless, clan tactics were far different than those of the Inner Sphere and the Dragoons knew that.

The Dragoons spent the next few years training with the "Historians" of the clans, Clan Goliath Scorpion. The Cluster that they trained with was the 1st Cateran Cluster "Heartvenom". By , the Dragoons had reached their destination following a large circular route. However, before making their first appearance, they send forward a small scouting party. This party confirmed that the Inner Sphere was in a much worse condition than they originally thought.

Then they proceeded to appear in the Inner Sphere. Even with much of their equipment mothballed, their appearance caused quite a stir. The Wolf Dragoons were 5 regiments strong and all their equipment was in pristine condition. Such a thing was unheard of in the wartorn battlegrounds of the Succession Wars.

The Dragoons then gained a contract with the Federated Suns. In their contract ended and they went back to the clans to report on the situation. They were ordered to return to Inner Sphere and get more detailed data for the rest of the Inner Sphere houses.


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