What if I told you that you are a genius in disguise and that you are biologically hard-wired with super powers that only a select few tap into? While there, a Six-Step and One Command process wrote itself in my mind. The results were that — I saved my home, I wrote The One Command book, and I shared the message of what I discovered until it became a worldwide program and system of rapid and wonderful change for health, wealth, love, and happiness, almost as if on its own. All the opportunities I have enjoyed such as my success as an acclaimed author, world thought leader, Enlightened Consciousness Coach, and teacher came from the application every day of this simple system. I love sharing the message of The One Command!

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As you emerge yourself in a new approach to what is possible in your life you are strengthening the frontal lobe of the brain to know something greater about yourself then you currently are experiencing. You make an instant realignment in your mind and your brain when you Command to create something for yourself and then support that change by immersing yourself in these new ideas.

As you listen and read you might find that you want to make a Command to implement some new thought about your ability to create what you want and to enjoy your life beyond any opposition We support you in your Self-Growth, Empowerment and Enlightenment. Warmly yours, Asara Lovejoy Return to the library often to check out new additions and updates or to listen and read what is currently available.

Highly recommended. Click here to listen now. Asara and Beliefs About the Economy This take on the economy will enlighten you on other possibilities. Command for Measureable Results with Asara Lovejoy Getting familiar with this process produces mastery of your life.

Asara focuses on creating these new programs and gives you money and wealth Commands. Empowerment Compass when making changes with Asara Lovejoy Of course you would. The benefits would be saving loss time and energy and getting what you want faster and quicker.

You learn so much about yourself — how you are in charge of creating your reality. It is awesome. Fire Ready Aim with Bonnie Strehlow If you know this system you can apply it again and again. Pure wizardry. Getting Past Stuck with Asara Lovejoy Never Feel Powerless with Bonnie Strehlow stop at You can be in charge of a thought, to generate new feelings and chemicals for an improved result. Bonnie leads you into your elevated state of enlightened consciousness. Persistence, Determination, and Allowing with Asara Lovejoy In this MP3 program both ideas are addressed and changed by your Command.

Spontaneous Healing You discover the ability to tap into your own spontaneous healing energy with guided mediations and Commands. Relationships that Work with Asara Lovejoy Listen to this one again and again until you garnish the principle of how to turn any relationship from bad to good to great. The One Command asserts time and again that you already have the ability — you simply need the knowledge to put it into affect. Theses brand new ideas are brain changing and as a result life changing.

We at The One Command deliver new transformative ideas and implement them right into your body, mind and brain by your Commands. See who you truly are! Meditations Pick and choose what meditation you would like for the day and use them often to reprogram every cell of your body with the higher new frequencies of yourself.


Free One Command Library

Live beyond the ordinary and create with your untapped hidden powers! A new force of enlightenment has arrived — are you ready to live fully and to move past the struggle to overcome? Are you ready to go beyond your self-imposed ceiling? Ever since I was a child I had the gift of insight to read, see and feel what others around me were thinking and feeling.


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