You can define fonts and colors as defaults for a given editing mode. No installation, no setup needed. The next time Aquamacs tries to modify the file, Aquamacs will hang with the spinning wheel of death. Then I downloaded the full Aquamacs source with this command: The fit-frame package provides a way to resize windows to fit their contents. Then save the buffer, and the file will look good in Terminal.

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Among the changes are that Aquamacs, by default, shows tabs to organize different file buffers in windows. A range of keybindings keyboard shortcuts that are standard on macOS, such as Command-W to close a window, or Command-S to save the file, are available. A standard printing dialog and functions to efficiently use the Option key on Mac keyboards as Emacs Meta key have been added. The styles of windows can be automatically changed to suit the major mode used in the buffer shown. Visually, Aquamacs has been adapted in its icons and fonts to look similar to other Mac applications.

These packages are installed without the need of further configuration by the end user. Aquamacs is designed to be highly compatible with Emacs, so that extension packages for GNU Emacs can be installed. Users can configure Aquamacs with Emacs customization options. They can also choose to bring back GNU Emacs behaviors. This can be used to edit text for Wikipedia and any other wiki based on the MediaWiki software application. The editor is self-documenting and is supported by a community of users.


Aquamacs Manual

Emacs is a text editor of legendary power and configurability, but it also has a complex user interface that is very, very different from the familiar Mac way of doing things. Aquamacs tames the Emacs tiger: you get standard Apple shortcuts in addition to the Emacs ones , nice fonts, tabs or one file per window, international input methods, Apple Help manuals and more. These modes have extra functions for the languages, including excellent syntax highlighting. You can even use Aquamacs to read news and e-mail, just like any Emacs.



If we press C-c C-cthe following will pop up:. The attack of the Rohirrim 2. Running the latest version of Org mode New commands in this section: Remember that if you want to cancel the current operation, i. Clipboard operations interoperate with other Mac apps. Emacs will highlight the text to be replaced just like if you were searching for it. Type your search query into the mini-buffer and keep pressing C-s or C-r aquamasc cycle through the results. Now you can do an operation on the selected region for example, killing it.

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