Light at least two jyoti oil lamps or ghee lamps. Spread the mat and sit facing east. Request them to bless the tarpanam pooja that you are about to perform. Place the plate in front of you and arrange the tharpanam grid made of dharbha grass as shown above.

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Welcome to eVadhyar. People who want to perform Tharpanam during Mahalaya Paksham on one or more days, write to info evadhyar. If you are already registered with Evadhyar and has given your ancestral details, personalised Tharpanam audio will be uploaded and on the given day, you can play the audio and perform the Tharpanam. Fill details of Ancestors. Feel like Live Sastri sitting beside you reciting the Manthras. About us Hi Having lived in the USA for the last 16 years, I realized the difficulties of practicing the brahminical rituals in a foreign land.

Rituals need to be performed at the right time and in the right way and this is always a challenge when you live away from India. After my father passed away in , I found it especially difficult to perform the monthly Tarpan since the Purohit was 10 miles away and driving to and back from the temple on a working day was next to impossible. It was my own experience with this situation that gave rise to the idea of starting the e-Vadhyar service. I am back in India now and find that even in India, people face similar challenges.

My family always laid a heavy emphasis on doing the ancestral rites in a proper manner and I hope many will benefit from this service. I decided to use the recorded Tharpan Mantra and requested my family Vadhyar in Chennai to record a generic form of Tharpan and I would write down the sankalpam for each month looking at the Internet for exact timings.

But what was available on internet sites was the sankalpam according to the Indian timing. I had to consult Almanacs and make necessary changes to the Sankalpam. To perform the Tharpan, I had to play the recording, consult the hand written notes and recite the Sankalpam and go back to the recording for the rest of the Tharpan. This resulted in a disjointed performance of the Tharpan and this was not satisfactory. This got me thinking about how the rest of the Brahmin community was fulfilling their Tharpan duties!

Do they perform the Tharpan or let it go? If they perform, will they be doing it at the right day or just go by the Indian Sankalpam and perform it on the wrong day? When I posed this question to a few friends, I realized that no one was really happy with this but they did the best they could.

I have consulted with various mutts and Purohits in India to make available a system of pre-recorded Tharpan with Location details, Sankalpam with the correct Thithi, Nakshatra and Day details and also the Ancestral details including the Gothra names etc. A marriage of technology and tradition has made e-Vadhyar possible.

A message will be sent for the Tharpan one week prior to the actual date and also 1 day in advance. The Tharpan Audio is played on a smart phone App.

The experience of performing the Tharpan with this Audio will be smoother and more satisfactory. If the client is travelling to a different time zone and informs evadhyar 96 hours prior to Amavasya, then attempts will be made to change the Manthra to suit the new location and the same will be advice to the client.

Services we offer.


Agasthiar's Easy Tharpanam Method

The introduction for Amavasai TharpaNam as to why we do this? Krishnamachari Swamigal for the above excellent sound recording - downloaded on Sep 29, 1. Achamanam Sit with your front facing East Take little water just sufficient to soak 1 grain of black til 3 times in the right hand and take it with the following manthra: 1. Om Achyuthaya namaha 2. Om Ananthaya namaha 3. Dharbham Dhaarayaami Wear pavithram and 2 chila kattai dharbai in your right ring finger. Take akshadai and put the akshadai in your head 2.


A; For Smarthas



Amavasai Tharpanam in Tamil



A; For Smarthas


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