You can set properties for Flash movies SWF files that you insert into your web pages. Getting Started Chapter 2: Page 90 In the Select the conyribute you want to edit pane, select the blog entry. Working With Text By default, Contribtue places these files relative to the web page that they are linked to. The Insert Date dialog box appears. Browse to the page you want to add keywords and a description for, and then click the Edit Page button in the toolbar.

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Administrative assistants, product managers, human resource managers, and other people in an organization can use Contribute to update their team website without having to contact a web team or other departmental resources.

This scenario divides users according to their role within the organization, and assumes that they have full editing and publishing privileges in their respective sites. This section describes three primary configurations for you to consider as you set up a Contribute site. This also lets you eliminate the presence of unnecessary files from a server with public access.

In smaller organizations and workgroups, a single person may handle the job of administering Contribute and determining the design of the website. Larger workgroups and departments may have a team of people involved in maintaining their website.

You can configure mail services optional these CPS services now, or you can do it later. Page 13 In addition to the basic tasks described in the preceding table, you can further enhance your website by designing it to be more easily maintainable or by adding additional functionality by using CPS.

First you need to prepare your network, then you can install the software. Adobe recommends that you restrict access to the MMWIP folder so that only members of your organization can browse files in that folder. To learn more about limiting access to files and folders, and other security issues relevant to the Apache web server, see the documentation supplied with your Apache distri- bution. This figure shows the main folders and files that are created when you enable the draft review process for a given site and a user sends a page for review.

Page Planning Your Contribute Site Structure And Connection Path Or, you can establish a connection to a lower-level folder, depending on the access you and your users require. Adobe recommends that you create a connection at the root of your website www.

Page 19 In this case, the connection paths overlap, and the second connection is a child website of the first connection, which is the parent website. Adobe recommends that, if you create child sites, you make any users who are connected to a parent site, also connect to any child sites.

Page 20 Writer group for the marketing website. In this case, the marketing Writer group would not receive the draft from User 1. Reviewers might not be able to take action on a draft. Page 21 If you cannot connect to the server, make certain you are using a fully qualified path. In addition to providing a secure connection when you transfer files to and from Contribute and your website, SFTP is a more reliable connection protocol.

Page Installing Contribute And Creating An Administrative Connection The user name and e-mail address identify users and the web pages they are working on. Contribute prevents multiple users from simultaneously editing the same web page.

The My Connections dialog box appears. The options in this dialog box let you create and manage your Contribute connections. Click Create. For more information, see the Adobe website at www. Click Add on the Web Applications panel. Adobe recommends that you manually expand the pubserver. Page 32 3 to store user and connection to indicate where you want to store CPS error and output logs.


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