There will always be some finite lag time between the time the command is issued and the time the servomotor brings the axis into position. When set to a 1, only the torque is limited. This parameter is only functional for the Adaptive Depth program block. If a feedrate is programmed in a NC Block, it will be used for any positional moves in each subsequent NC Block, unless the feedrate is changed in a subsequent NC Block.

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Voodoolkis However under load, the time that may be spent at peak current is affected by the intermittent current level and the switch-on time above or below this level: The user should be aware that this method does not allow the TRANS D to validate the data per program cycle and could allow the wrong Tool Correction value to be used for the specific part being machined.

These designations follow the axis designations used for CNC type machines. Primary Function Selection Screen N0 0. Also, if G00 Rapid is chosen as the speed for a program block function, the speed entered here will be the speed used for that block.

Valid range of motion for rotary axis Setting of Overtravel limits. It converts the program from a table of ASCII coded block data to the actual motion commands sent to the drive each time a block is executed. Once the spindle position command is activated, the falling edge of the cam switch signal is searched for with position spindle speed S-x On power-up or when axis has lost its reference, the system will not be referenced.

This screen will display all of the servo axes configured in Process parameter P Parameter Aa31 Linear Encoder Prelimit sets the minimum amount of deflection that must be seen on the external linear scale before this G08 program block is executed. When entering Tool Correction register values in this way, the data header and checksum response should be checked by the sending program in the external device to be sure the TRANS D received the data without a checksum error.

Unit circle rotation In Fig. The number entered represents a selection within the Tool Correction register table for each axis, not including the spindle axis.

Program entry is in a two-digit tool correction register, which has an associated correction or compensation value.

Decrease the feedrate less then the value in TRANS D Axes parameter Aa30 or increase this parameter greater than the value on the G08 command — depends on the mechanical limitation of the system. If a very short block is programmed less than msec at the programmed speed or even zero motionthe speed will be reduced so that it will take msec to execute. Z axis was enabled as default prior to release 06V This prevents hitting the stop at too high a speed.

This allows the programmer to change the sequence of program execution. Enter a 1 under the column E for each axis you want to enable.

The command string and the characters on the bottom row are cleared and the response is displayed. Once process parameters are selected, enter the number of the desired parameter using the numeric keypad or the up and down arrows to scroll through the available parameters, then press ENTER 57dpc2 view that specific parameter. In these cases, if reference is lost, the G74 command initiates a Drive Controlled Homing Procedure to once again reference the scale to the machine slide.

All Tool Correction data will be in inches. Then a factor based on previous experience is added for 57dp—c2 program execution and communication times. Pressing the S1 reset switch on the digital drive will load the parameters for the new feedback into the servo drive. The value entered here cannot exceed the Rapid speed or an error will result. After the default gains are loaded, they will be displayed and the programmer can still modify the value or press ENTER for each value until the next parameter is displayed.

This must be a value between 57dpv2. This parameter is the filtering factor for the signal from the motor feedback. The parameter set can be selected by entering the number using the numeric keypad or by using the up and down arrows on the CTA If a rotary axis appears alone in an NC block i. The values entered in the repay screen are entered into Drive Parameter S 75dpc2 entering values for the P set in the servo drive, add to the P parameter number to obtain the correct number to use.

This prevents a drop in peak power 57dpc2 mains under-voltage. Absolute position move 2. See the next page for an explanation of key number 4. Sign Up to Newsletter In Manual mode, both of these keys can be used to jog the selected axis. The torque is always limited to this value. If several different machining programs are to be written, branching must be accomplished such that an unconditional or conditional jump from NC Block be executed to jump to the start of the program.

The actual position value generated by the drive does not reference the zero position of the spindle until after the first command has been completed.

A move to a positive stop is not always a repeatable function. This means that it always responds just before a torque limit. Tool Correction values will also be in units per table rev. If one of the three ramps Ramp 1, Ramp 2 or Ramp 3 is programmed with 0 zero for maximum acceleration, the other two ramps will be ignored and the acceleration and deceleration rates will be the maximum, limited by the peak current rating of the drive.

When set to a 1, the torque value on the N-output analog output on the drive represents the actual, un-smoothed value of the drives torque. The units can only be changed in Parameter Aa02 Note: N-Output Variable or Torque Bit 6: Some formulas for calculating the axis Feed Constant: If rotary and linear axes appear on the same NC block and the linear change in position is zero, the rotary axis will run at maximum velocity i.

If set to 0, further deflection of the scale will cause the position value to increase in the positive direction. If an absolute move to zero degrees is commanded after that, the table would move 10 degrees.

Enter a 0 for positive and a 1 for negative. Screen 4 allows the user to program the Auxiliary Outputs. Related Posts.



There is some mechanical blockage with the external encoder. After selecting an axis, enter the number of the desired parameter using the numeric keypad or the delay and down arrows to scroll through the available parameters, then press ENTER to view that specific parameter. These are the same commands used for internal Tool Offsets. The Relaay Parameter set is designated as SAx. Therefore, the sign of any position value will be ignored.


Gardashicage The purpose of these divisions is to enable the user to easily configure their unit with the least amount of keystrokes. The drive knows exactly where it is after the N block and will not try to make up any following error from the N block. If the integral-action component of the speed controller is always active, set this bit to 0. The program commands G20 and G21 are functional in rotary operation. If a 57fpc2 axis appears alone in an NC block i.


Taukazahn The names used for labels in assembly durectives programming consists of alphabetic letters in both upper and lower case, the digits 0 through 9, and the special characters question mark [? It is used to define the 8-bit data. If the number is not followed by H, it is decimal and the assembler will convert it to hex. The first character of the label must be an alphabetic character. First, each label name must be unique. The DB directive is the most widely used data directive in the assembler. There are several rules that names must follow.

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