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Faekree Naval Academy and are not selected for direct entry are automatically considered for entrance into what program? The interview should take at least 15 minutes. Surface Nuclear Submarine What community designators for Officer Candidate School require an active duty obligation of 6 years? OPNAV Normally 4 to 6 weeks What is the minimum paygrade for the officer conducting and interview for an applicant for Officer Candidate School?

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All Sitemap Components New in 2. This page is a summary of all the new features and improvements. General Cocoon 2. Cocoon components sitemap components as well as general components can be defined as Spring beans now.

Avalon component configurations are still supported but deprecated. This is an important step in order to make Cocoon more easily embeddable in the future and to define clear contracts.

An optional additional validation of sitemaps based on an XML schema definition is configureable. Cocoon 2. Modularity In order to make Cocoon applications more modular, the Servlet-Service-Framework was introduced. The Servlet-Service-Framework is a general-purpose framework that makes it possible to establish contracts between sub-applications.

The Servlet-Service-Framework introduces polymorphic relationships between services. Configuration and Deployment Cocoon 2. This means that you have to build Cocoon 2. Blocks have become binary deployment units which follow a particular directory structure and can provide Servlet-Services, Java services, Java classes and resources and Cocoon specific files templates, stylesheets, etc. Cocoon blocks express their dependencies using project object model descriptors POM 4.

This makes it easy to build Cocoon 2. It supports the configuration of components based on the Spring property placeholder configurer and the property overrider configurer and is aware of running modes, i.

Xalan and Xerces libs! Tools The Cocoon Maven 2 plugin makes is very easy to use Cocoon together with Maven 2 as build system. Schema files for sitemaps.

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