She quickly takes a liking to Slevin. Accidental Pervert : Though not so much on her attempt to recreate the event a second time. According to some sources, Lucy Liu actually did get a good look at Josh Hartnett during that scene Genki Girl : In a movie full of ruthless killers, gangsters and manipulators, her happy, uneventful life stands out by comparison.

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I know, I know, I still need to get the cast names in there and all that jazz, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line.

Better than Farmville, anyway. Number 6 is under a very hard Number 4 breaks into the inside Number 1 on the inside pokes a nose in front Why are you here? There was a time. You misunderstood. I was just saying there was a time. Take Brown Sugar back there, for example.

But there was a time. Kansas City Shuffle is when everybody looks right and you go left. Never heard of it. Falls on deaf ears, mostly. Twenty years, huh?

No small matter. Requires a lot of planning. Involves a lot of people. People connected only by the slightest of events It all starts with a horse.

A guy wants what the fella calls "a sure thing," so he schemes to make it so. He calls in The Doc, a nobbler from Antwerp, known for his savvy, but not for his discretion. Fuck me, baby. Come on, baby. Hey, which horse did you say it was again, baby?

Which brings us to Abe, because Gloria was too much jelly for one outfit. Hey, baby. Is your wife around? Tell that bitch to open her eyes.

Seymour says hello! What are you doing calling me here? Christmas came early this year, baby. I got a present for you.

Remember my friend Doc? And right below his nose was his mouth. The fix is in at Aqueduct. And then there was this joker who had ears Keep it under your hat, huh? Just pay attention. I got something here. Tired of being a dog without a day. Tired of waking up and finding that his dreams were only dreams. But mostly, Max was tired of not having a front lawn. I will.

I was talking to your son. Bye, Mom. Love you. All right, if your ma asks, where were we today? Shea Stadium.

Good man. Give me the postgame. Stalium gave up six runs in the first five innings. Ed Kranepool hit a line drive down right field, but it hit the wall, fouled by a foot.

Did you get all that from the radio? No, no, no, no. You gotta stay in the car. Are you gonna be a degenerate gambler? You know better than that. He only plays a sure thing.

But until then, you gotta stay in the car. Next weekend, you and me go to a ballgame. Watch, watch, watch. Almost forgot. Fifteen minutes. Start counting. Our next race at Aqueduct is the tenth race. Come on, come on. The final turn, and number 7 has moved to the fifth position on the outside.

Number 2 takes the lead. Number 1 is at the rail, and number 7 is beginning to pick up the pace on the outside. Come on, baby! Come on! Come on, come on! Number 7 has fallen! And number 1 goes on and takes the lead to win it.

Max woke up to find that his dreams had just been the stuff of pipes. I wanna place a bet. Oh, you must feel real lucky. And lay it off. Racing form says 9 to 1. So you go to the ticket window with your 20 grand in hand and you get 9 to if the spread sticks. You come in here with your pockets turned out, you get 2 to 1. The juice is ten. Twenty for the bet, two for the juice.

Can you pay these moneys? Can you? Just to be clear, if you lose In that case, how about the 20 Gs you just blew on the 7 horse? Just like you. Where am I? I swear. He already has. I have a family! Where are they? Fuck shit Jesus is right. New outfit in town. The catalyst. This is a Kansas City Shuffle. They look right


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Not only does his name attract audiences by the truckload, but his films are often some of the top grossing movies of the time period. The Fifth Element and Die Hard were big budget masterpieces that Willis complemented with his strong acting ability. He did not have to carry the films entirely on his shoulders. However, he also takes risks. However, Willis took the risk and reaped the benefits when the film became a cult classic.




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