Until an unforeseen event changes all the rules. To secure their future, Emma and Caleb will have to face their fears, confront their enemies, and unite their families to stand against a shadow from her past that could kill them all. I knew these would be my final memories. I felt the warm salt of tears against my mouth and experienced the cruel absolution of saying good-bye. The water came closer and closer, until I felt the freezing chill of blanketed wetness enveloping me. I gasped without making a sound as they pulled me into the murky water, staring down at the waves that distorted with their frantic movements.

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Rating: 3. Caleb and Emma are back in the U. At the end of Crimson Moon, Emma made a huge life decision. She decided to forego becoming a vampire and chose Caleb as her true love and mate. In this book, the relationship between Caleb and Emma grows and has rocky patches along the way, and Emma deals with the fall out of her decisions, such as the vampire community and her feelings for the sexy, telepathic vamp, Trent.

Decimus is back in action in this book, trying to control Emma and punish her for rejecting him in the past. There are a lot of things I really enjoyed about this book. Winter mornings in Tennessee are gorgeous. When the dew from the night causes the ground to freeze, the crisp blades of grass turn white and shimmer as the sun appears in the sky, sparkling in shades of gold, green and white.

The air smells crisp and blisters your lungs in the best way imaginable, reminding you that each day is a precious gift. You can feel the new day beginning - everything fresh, clean and untainted. I also really like Caleb. We saw Caleb change from just a member of the pack to a full-on alpha in Crimson Moon.

We continue to see that development in this book, where he actually takes on his alpha responsibilities. Once Caleb and Emma get some alone time, Caleb reinstates his claim on Emma as his mate. For these werewolves, a mating is a lifelong commitment, and it is something that they cannot control. If Emma were to leave Caleb or die, Caleb would be sure to follow her to the grave.

Caleb is very honest in his feelings for Emma. These two are a great couple, if somewhat tame by J. Saare standards. There are a couple of hot sexy scenes, and a few commitment-type scenes. Saare has made it clear that Caleb and Emma belong together. Grasping his face firmly in my hand, I told him exactly that.

I will always want to be with you, no matter where you go, no matter what you do. I love you more than anyone or anything. I like Trent. I really do. I know, I know. She spent a lot of time with him in the previous book.

She became very close to him. However, Emma left him without a single thought as soon as Caleb showed up to rescue her. Never once did she question her decision. Until halfway through Crimson Sunrise. She even goes as far as to tell Trent telepathically that she loves him. As soon as Caleb has to search for his missing sister, Emma immediately calls Trent to help protect her.

Trent can kick some serious ass. Too bad he can be controlled by Decimus like every other vampire. If you care for me at all, give me this one thing. I think Emma grew up a bit at the end of this book and I hope that it continues in the third book. The ending was rather interesting.

The next book will deal with Decimus and if and how he can be stopped. It will be an interesting ride to see where Saare eventually takes these characters.


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