Thanks for watching! Visit Website I first heard about nonstick paints—and in particular the Intersleek system—from Billy Smith, vice president of Trinity Yachts. Looking for ways to make the boat as fast as possible, Trinity began thinking about applying Intersleek to the bottom. But first it needed a test boat. Smith volunteered his foot Mainship Redeemed, and the results left him impressed.

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Both products demonstrate the importance of providing choice and diversity to the industry by developing coatings that recognize the differing preferences and operational requirements of ship owners and operators looking to invest in more sustainable hull coatings. It delivers outstanding macro and micro fouling control with improved static resistance, even in warm waters and is suitable for slow steaming. Slime that does build up during static periods is released by the movement of the ship through water.

The proof is in the polymer The tailored surface chemistry of this new technology specifically influences and resists the adhesion and settlement of organisms that make up slime colonisation. Slime composition Slime is a complex, varied and dynamic organism predominantly made up of bacteria and diatoms.

Slime begins to cultivate as soon as the vessel enters the water as bacteria populate the substrate and excrete Extracellular Polymeric Substances EPS. EPS is what makes the surface feel "slimy" to touch.

The make-up of marine slime or biofilms is so diverse that samples from one part of a vessel could be completely different to biofilms from a few metres away. The composition of biofilms, show that they vary by geographic location, time of the year and vessel activity. Unrivalled expertise and experience in foul release coatings With over 17 years experience in foul release coatings we are very much aware of the performance characteristics of the technology on ships in service.

It is exceptionally smooth with very low levels of average hull roughness. This, combined with excellent resistance to fouling, means that all vessels can benefit from this latest fouling control technology. The first fouling control coating to use a patented technology that incorporates bio-renewable raw material to deliver enhanced vessel performance throughout the dry-docking cycle.


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