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How would you like to apply these secrets and know that you are going to be the best lover a woman has ever had and will ever have in her lifetime? How would a woman respond to someone with these kinds of skills? I also know that because of this, I have the options to pick and choose from among the most beautiful women out there. Does it give me confidence?

But let me add a caveat. Being the best lover a woman has ever had can have negative repercussions. There is a dark side — so use with caution. This material can make women so obsessed with you that you may want to only use it with a woman that you truly want to give ultimate pleasure to — who you see yourself with in the long term. For your own sake and sanity, use this material responsibly. Remember with power comes responsibility. Now of course depending on what culture you grew up in and the filters that society has created for you — you may have certain beliefs and attitudes towards sex that may not be entirely helpful to you.

Sex is indeed pleasurable — and anything that is that pleasurable has to be controlled… otherwise what would happen if everyone just did it with everyone? Chaos… We would be a hedonistic society much like ancient Rome. That this is more the norm than not? Society has taught us that sex and commitment go hand and hand. But the reality is, most people have sex without being committed.

In many cases the commitment is implied but not spoken, in other cases there is no expectation of commitment whatsoever. Meeting in the Middle… Women are getting past the notion that to sleep with someone takes away from them in some way. This is what society would have them believe. And many women will still ardently argue this because to believe otherwise may challenge their perception of themselves.

I believe that sex is about giving not taking. Sex makes you more — not less. Men are getting past the notion that Sex is the most important thing in a relationship. The only way to get past this notion is to have had the opportunity for sex for its own sake and to have found it empty. In this way, Men and Women are meeting in the middle and finding connection there.

During my travels to the East, I found that they call this energy the YIN and the YANG — and there is always a little bit of each within the other, and you need both of them to make a balanced and potentially powerful connection. On one side you have the YANG energy. This is the active energy. I think of it representing all things that connect with excitement, spontaneity, adventure, physical chemistry, lust, the naughty but fun side of pleasure, novelty, doing new things, exploring… Keep in mind that some relationships are dominated by this kind of energy but lack the other.

These relationships can be like a whirlwind, always changing, always exciting, but they tend to fizzle out fast. On the other side you have YIN energy. This is the passive energy.

I think of this energy representing all things that connect with comfort, connecting emotionally, having things in common, rapport, being slow and sensual, doing things that give you security and trust. If you have too much attraction and excitement and not enough emotional connection, you end up with a fling. If you have just emotional connection and not enough attraction and excitement, you end up with just a friend.

So you need BOTH. What do Women want? What do Men want? Some may want more or less of the other, but in essence they need both. Great question and I have the answer for you. We need both the unexpected which excites us and the expected which makes us feel comfortable.

When a couple falls into one type of sexual mode — whether it be the YANG or the YIN modes, without changing it up, then it gets old and stales out. So what was the difference? First of all realize that sexual tension is created out of a having a sexual desire and then holding back on it. Barriers are a good thing. Wanting something but not being able to have it… There are many different variations, but the underlying theme is the same — To understand how to build desire let me give you a metaphor.

Have you ever blown up a balloon? The way that things go down… Everyone has their own notion of the way that things are supposed to go down when it comes to sex. Some people need to have the lights off, missionary position, - some need to be turned on mentally and then physically — some get turned on physically and then mentally. Most of have our own sequences in the way that sex happens. Part of being a good lover is knowing yourself and knowing your partner — what is your partner sequence?

What is yours?





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